It's only been three months since (G)I-DLE debuted, but it seems that Cube is intent on pushing the group into the spotlight while there's ongoing interest. I'll admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of their debut track, but I am glad that they managed to earn themselves some attention that I incorrectly thought they might not get with "LATATA." That being said, I was expecting something that really shows off their potential that could be more up my alley, and from the teasers that we got, it seemed that this just might be exactly that. 

The Song

Alright, I"ll admit it right from the get go - I think that this song is pretty good. This is pretty much exactly what I was wanting from them, and I think it's a major step up from their debut track. I'll start with the praises here because there's a ton to get to in a short time. Those deep rolling bass tones, deliciously dark piano chords, symphonic cascades of strings, and especially insanely alluring vocal waves during the chorus are divine. Topped off with Soyeon's venomous lyrical delivery? You've got me sold.

This song makes perfect use of each of the members' different vocal colors in a way that I think "LATATA" also did, but it takes it a step further and enhances the experience by so much. Soyeon's rap being spaced between softer vocals does wonders in terms of texture for the song, and I really don't think I could ask for a better structuring for the song, nor for the placement of the vocal pieces, and most certainly not for the individual member tones to shine through.

Okay, I think that's probably enough praise because I did have a few gripes with the song, too.  The most blatant thing to me, as it usually is, was the whistle. I really could have done without it and just had the vocal delivery in its stead. On top of that, the only issue that I really had was that the singing verses weren't all too interesting, but that also gave a nice balance to the palette because of the much more focused chorus. If it wasn't clear, I really liked this song, and I hope that this gets them much more attention than even "LATATA" did. 

The Video

I don't think that there's any way for me to start talking about this video other than to mention the excellent makeup. I won't be shy in saying that the teaser images had me worried because they were so synthetic and somewhat greasy looking, but those images did absolutely no justice to what beautiful styling would be in this music video. Seriously, I am in love with that striking red eye shadow. It's such a refreshing visual in terms of the scene, and it really gives the girls a flair that I think works perfectly with the image they're aiming for.

The outfits in this video are all over the place, but in a good way. There's so much variety that it's basically impossible to say that you don't like any of them. They rep some dark looks for the most part, but there's also some white dresses, and even really busy colorful outfits. I'll admit that my favorite would be the black dresses, simply because I dig the tails on them so much, but that's just me. 

Sets in this video are just as varied, too. We literally go from the desert to a vibrant room, to several different thrones, and honestly they're all so unique and interesting, I couldn't help but notice new things each time I went through the video. 

In terms of a plot, I'm afraid I can't say there is much of one. There is, however, some symbolism to decode. Namely the scorpion in this video. I'll give my own personal take on its meaning. So, we see pretty early on that Soyeon tries to touch the scorpion, but it cuts her finger open. She licks the blood from her hand, and that's basically the last we see of it until Yuqi has it in a jar about halfway through the video. Personally, I take this to be a metaphor regarding malicious fans and/or comments. The cut is something like an attack or harmful comment, and Soyeon licking it is sort of like saying that she's just fine, and possibly even reveling that there's any sort of response at all. Yuqi having it in a jar later might symbolize that these sorts of comments or people aren't really able to touch the girls - they're just able to see them. It might be a stretch in terms of meaning, but that's personally what I thought of.

The last thing that I want to touch on is the choreography. It looks absolutely fantastic. It's so alluring and you just can't help but focus on them as they dance. I'm really excited to see live performances of this one for sure. If you couldn't tell already, I liked the video. A lot.


"HANN" is absolutely in every way, shape, or form, better than "LATATA" for me. I wholeheartedly can see the girls progressing and I think that their efforts are undoubtedly going to pay off. With a song that's this high quality, the momentum they've already started to build for themselves, and an open landscape in terms of competition right now, I think that this might just be what they need to propel themselves to dominance. If you haven't already, go watch "HANN."