(G)I-DLE is the latest girl group to debut under Cube Entertainment. They have six members in total, one of which (Jeon Soyeon) already had a solo debut. I personally haven't really checked too far into these girls, but they had a lot of excitement and hype built around them, so I simply set my expectations appropriately. 

The Song

Sadly, this song did exactly what I was fearing Cube might do for this group's debut - it simply just doesn't stand out in any meaningful way. There's remnants of the tropical sound that's been long overdue for a retirement, and even worse is the fact that this song remains stagnant for the entire three-and-a-half-minute-long duration. Seriously, by the time song ended I wanted those synthetic steel drum tones to never be used in anything ever again. I love the darker vibes of the song, but I just don't think there are many catchy elements through it to support it.

The sort of a-rhythmic pre-chorus section is definitely interesting, and I'd go so far as to say it was addictive in an unexpected way. Jeon Soyeon kills her raps, as expected, but the song as a whole just doesn't sound like it holds something for listeners to really latch onto. The instrumentals are too soft and lacking in impact, and that sadly took away from what I would consider to be an interesting set of vocals on their behalf. I'm still interested in checking out the other songs on the mini, but I don't know how strong this was for a debut, especially in the midst of the current market of songs topping the charts. 

The Video

I actually think that the video for this debut was an even worse affair than the song itself. The color schemes and various backgrounds in this video really reminded me of a ton of other videos, and it really seems like the director wasn't being all too original because of it. There seems to be mostly nonsensical bits that are included to simply try and diversify locale and give the video some more points of interest, and I wish that wasn't the case. I wish there was some meaning and more fluent ideas pulled out to make for a more compelling debut video.

On the positive side of things, the girls all looked pretty fantastic. The choreography looked powerful as well, so that's a big plus. Maybe it's just because I recognize Soyeon out of all the members, but it really felt like she had a majority of the screen time, which kind of sucks for a debut video. I understand that she's likely the most popular, but I still hate when companies use that as an excuse to push one member a lot more than the others. That only exacerbates the disparity of popularity in my opinion. Not my decision to make, though.


Instead of giving the girls a distinct vibe and making them stand out among the ever-growing horde of idol groups, Cube stuck them with a concept that has been seen, heard, and done before. While I do think this does sound like it could have been a side track for CLC, I think the vocal colors of the members differentiate it enough that it does have a different flavor to it. I really don't see this song giving the group much traction in the long-term, but I certainly hope that it isn't the last we see of them.