(G)I-DLE - Senorita



It’s been just a little over six months since we last heard from rookie girl group (G)I-DLE. I’ve reviewed all of their releases thus far so I have a track record when it comes to the group, but the long story short is that I’m still on the fence when it comes to their discography. They have incredible potential and I think they’re easily one of the most competent girl groups on the market that can really give any of the big three a run for their money, but I also was not that impressed with “LATATA.” “HANN” was one of my favorite songs of last year, though, and I was definitely excited that they were having an early comeback this year. Unfortunately I was kind of hesitant about going into this review because I didn’t really like what I was hearing from the teasers, but I hoped for the best anyway.

The Song

Well, I’m going to start off by being brutally honest here: I don’t like this song. I actually think this is easily their weakest and worst release to date, and I really hope that this is going to be the lowest point in their discography. From the awkward transitions to the bizarrely Brave Brothers-esque hook, I really can’t find much about this song that I enjoy apart from the chorus. The verses were a mixed bag for me; the first halves of the verses were kind of boring and bland, but the progression into the second halves felt nice and carried the song forward with some solid momentum.

That momentum, however, is cut short by the destructively awkward pre-chorus, though. We get a sudden slowing of the entire song for.. well, for some “ohs”. It’s so slow that it feels longer than it really is, but mostly I dislike just for how it slams the brakes down on everything. I absolutely adore the chorus - it’s bright and lively, it’s catchy, it’s engaging.. and then it’s also followed by the hook. I would have been fine with the hook if it was just the sassy horns, but instead we also have some random guy saying “Senorita” which I just felt was.. out of place? I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

The bridge doesn’t make things any better, taking out any sense of lyrics going on and instead replacing it with “yufufufu” sounds. If you haven’t listened, no I’m not joking. For the last 40 seconds of this song, that is all that’s said apart from that random guy yelling out “Senorita” again. It was the most awkward ending to a K-pop song that I’ve heard in some time, honestly. It’s obviously an artistic choice, but not one that I personally agree with. Even Soyeon’s rap didn’t have the same kind of impact as it usually does, especially with all the noise going on in the background for it.

All in all, I’m really just disappointed with this release. It feels like there was some kind of time crunch that cut off the development of this song early, and we only got half of what we were supposed to.

(Random note: Why isn’t this song properly titled Señorita?)

The Video

Thank goodness the video is not going to be nearly as negative as a review aspect for me. The girls looked incredible, the colors were so bright and fun, and the concept matched that perfectly. Admittedly we have seen this idea from Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette,” but honestly it’s not overdone and it’s certainly not done the same way here. Whereas Red Velvet took a more cartoon-ish approach, the ideas here are much more visually realistic and have a better sense of real danger. (Seriously I almost flipped out the first time that hook missed Shuhua.)

Miyeon absolutely stole the spotlight for me with Soyeon coming as a close second visually, but seriously I cannot state how amazing they looked in every shot of this video. The product placements were a bit more in your face than I personally would have liked, but I guess sometimes you gotta get that paper. I do wish that we had a bit more of some Latino-inspired scenery considering the styling and title of the track, but it didn’t necessarily take away from the video, either. The balance between individual member shots and choreography felt a little off to me this time around. A lot of the choreography shots had weird camera angles or crops that didn’t really end up showing off the dance as much as I would have preferred.

Overall the video was solid and memorable, and seeing the girls step up their visual game once again was seriously impressive.

(Random note: I loved the scene of Soyeon pretending the trumpet was a gun. Killing us with music, if you will.)


“Senorita” is sadly going to have to go down as my least favorite (G)I-DLE release to date. Nearly every aspect apart from the chorus felt like it was a letdown in some form or another, and ultimately by the time the song was over I felt like I had listened to a first run through of an idea instead of a fully fleshed out track. If you’re a massive (G)I-DLE stan that loves everything that they do, maybe this will still work for you, but I don’t know that I’d recommend it to anybody else than fanatics of the Latin trend.