GFRIEND - Sunny Summer



It's been less than three months since we last heard from GFRIEND, but hey, it's summer and ever group has to try and slip in their season-appropriate song before it's too late. I'll admit that I thoroughly began to enjoy "Time for the Moon Night" pretty quickly after it was released, and I'm fairly confident that it will end up in my top songs of this year. That being said, I was excited for GFRIEND to have their first summer track since "Me Gustas Tu" was released back in 2016. Times have changed rather quickly since then, so going into this I was already expecting a very different vibe than we've heard from the girls in the past.

The Song

The song delivered pretty well on being an almost complete divergence from GFRIEND's title tracks up until this point. In fact, I'd venture to say that this was much more of a song in the veins of something that SISTAR would do, albeit without all of the added sensuality and maturity. Not that this song was particularly immature, but there's a definite tonal difference than would have been present if this was done by SISTAR.

As for the song itself, I liked it enough. It's definitely not my favorite summer release or GFRIEND song, but I think it was decently catchy enough to be a success in the mainstream. For me personally, there was only one main issue that I took with this song, and that is that it overall felt like it punched a little too lightly. Apart from when they sing the "hae" lyric during the chorus, everything felt like it was just landing a little too softly for me to really sink my teeth into. Perhaps that's what was intended and the "hae" was meant to be the only real contrast to the spongey nature of everything else, but for me it didn't really work out that well. I think with a bit more oomph thrown into that chorus, this would have been even more of an earworm and could have shot it to that next level.

I did enjoy the fact that they managed to sneak their names into this song, with each member even getting to sing their own. It felt like a cute little quip just for fans to enjoy. Things like that add just that extra bit of spice that make the whole experience more enjoyable, and I'm sure that some international fans might not have even realized it.

As is the case with most summer jams, this song pulls out the brass horns, funked up bass guitar, and the upbeat guitar chords strummed in a rapid succession to really flare out that fun vibe. I'll admit that generally I'm too used to hearing these types of instrumentals by this point, but GFRIEND has really yet to explore this side for themselves, so I approve of it as an exploration of their musical possibilities. I think that's likely the largest takeaway from this for me. This was definitely not the standard fare for GFRIEND by any means, and while it's not that far off from something that they would have been able to do, it's still nice to see. We may never again see a divergence the likes of which "FINGERTIP" brought to the table, but so long as there is still some development going on for the group, I'll be happy.

The Video

Similarly to the song, the choreography this time around felt a lot softer. The typical GFRIEND mix of sharp, knife-like precision seemed entirely absent from the bits of choreography that we did get to see, and instead it focused much more heavily on the simple and cutesy side of things. I'm not entirely sure that if that's a good or bad thing, though. On the one hand, it's really great to see the girls doing something a bit different for themselves, and I've no doubt that this is a great break for them since they barely took one between this and their last comeback. On the other hand, I already feel myself missing that signature style that was undeniably theirs, especially because I always expect it at this point.

Apart from that, the very trendy red and white colors return yet again for another music video, though GFRIEND mixed it by including a palette of blue shades to toss in their own hat into the ring for new color schemes to dominate summer concepts. The video features all of the members being silly, pranking one another, partying, and even giving some cute bits of scenes that lean more towards the fan service side. And of course, they all look absolutely fantastic, but that should go without say. 

All in all, the video was fun and like most others released in recent times, pulled off the feel good summer vibes pretty well. There were enough small things laced in here and there that kept this video fresh and interesting, and I think that similarly to "Navillera," I'll find myself often wandering back to watch this one.


This is GFRIEND's first summer release since 2016, and they do an excellent job of showing how much they've changed in these few short years. Like I said earlier, it's not my favorite release from them by any means, but it's a fun, easy-on-the-ears experience that has you wanting to dance along when that chorus hits. While I wish there was a bit more power packed into other parts of the song, I think that overall it still feels lightweight and keeps a fun atmosphere for the full duration. It's like if GFRIEND was given a SISTAR song to perform, and then they sprinkled their own charms into it. If you're a fan of fun summery songs, I recommend this one.