GIRLKIND is a five-member girl group under Next Level Entertainment. The last time that I reviewed them was earlier this year when they had their debut track "FANCI." Suffice to say, I wasn't impressed with the song on the whole, but I (pun intended) fancied the idea of having fresh blood take on the hip-hop girl group concept. I never did an official review on their track "Broccoli," mostly due to it being a joke song, but my opinion hadn't changed much from one song to the other. With that in mind, I just hoped that this comeback would finally give them some air and spotlight - I just wanted a reasonably good hip-hop track.

The Song

Well, right off the bat I didn't get what I wanted. What an absolutely crazy direction to take the group after their debut didn't fare all too well. This song is disappointing on a multitude of fronts, so much so that I hardly even know where to start. It's completely lacking any originality, and to say that it's inspired by the recent trends would be a grave understatement. Everything about this track just comes off as vapid and unoriginal. So much of this song is just the girls repeating the hook, which, I might add, is about as simplistic and plain as you can get. I really wish I had anything positive to say, but I just don't this time.

I'm going to just cut myself off from dumping on the song any more, but only because I want to get to the heart of a larger issue here. This is such a ridiculous departure from what the group was being marketed as at their debut. There's essentially no hip-hop elements present in the song, and I'd go so far as to say that there's actually none at all. A rap in a K-pop song is very expected and doesn't really mean it's hip-hop at all.

This song seriously felt like somebody got their hands on production instruments for the first time and just tried their hand at it. I'm not discouraging that, of course, but it definitely shows in the final product. If you don't believe me, go and listen to the bridge again, specifically here at this part. You can literally hear the cut between two different takes. It's jarring and pretty noticeable, but moreover it's incredibly amateur. I don't think there are any redeemable factors to this song other than the fact that it's not going to make your ears bleed, it will likely just put you to sleep.

The Video

Letting my cynical side get the better of me, I could swear that there was a genuine attempt here on behalf of at least some of the girls to show their lack of interest in this song. There are so many shots where their facial expressions are clearly being forced that I just ended up feeling terrible for them. That aside, this video actually had a pretty selection of locales to include. I actually dislike the fact that they decided to do the current trend of nonsensical over-saturation on the colors, though. I could tell that the colors were already pretty fantastic to begin with and it was unnecessary - all it did was end up lowering the quality of the video overall.

There's the vaguest hint of a plot going on here, though it's not entirely too interesting and the lack of general acting capabilities kind of muddied it up even further. I didn't hate the outfits that the girls had on or anything, but none of them felt very coherent to a theme. It just felt like they picked out some things to wear and went with it, which I guess could be a theme of its own? My biggest complaint would probably be that because of the choice of outfits and color filters, the girls kind of lack the ability to draw your eye in and instead I found myself focusing a lot more on the backgrounds and venues.


Instead of pushing them to try out something different since their past tracks hadn't worked for them, I wish that Next Level Entertainment would have simply buckled down and tried to get a song produced with substance, something that would have been tailored to what they were being marketed as. Sure, their first attempt didn't blast the group into superstardom, but it gave them a niche that was not being filled by anyone else. To ditch the concept entirely just seems insulting, both to the fans they've garnered and to the girls themselves. It's essentially the company saying that they don't think they can pull the concept off well enough for them to continue down that path, which I actually disagree with wholeheartedly. I recommend everyone to pass on this comeback, sadly.