Golden Child - It's U



Golden Child is a ten-member boy group under Woollim Entertainment. They formerly had eleven members, having had one leave the group due to health concerns earlier this month, but that hasn't deterred them from trying to make more headway with a comeback. They debuted late last year, and "It's U" will mark the group's first comeback ever after just five months. "DamDaDi," their debut track, was bright and energetic, but the teasers seemed to be pointing them in a new direction this time around.

The Song

The beginning of this track has a wind chime that twinkles in along with an acoustic guitar and bright synth tones. Most of this carries forward into the verse, though the synth softens a bit until we're about midway through it. The pre-chorus is brief and features a slight shift in the synth before the refrain, where everything comes back with a minor increase in heaviness. The second verse features the expected rap section, and the bridge has a small dance break, but otherwise everything is as to be expected.

I have to admit that my first impression of this song was that I was not impressed. Not only did I have issues with how the mixing of the instrumentals often times felt like they were combating against the vocals and even routing them, but the song honestly just lacked anything memorable. I'll admit that my issues with the mixing may only be a MV problem, as has been the case in the past, but there are definitely other issues. Everything feels like it's trying to take the spotlight, and yet nothing actually ends up doing so. It all falls kind of flat with a lack of emphasis on anything at all. It's not that it's a bad song, it just isn't anything great.

The Video

The video takes place entirely in a school setting, with almost all of the boys attempting to apparently sabotage a relationship between one of the members and a girl. A large portion of the video is devoted to showing off the choreography, while the other portions steadily show off the progression of the boys' schemes. Oh, and they apparently have super powers or something. I honestly can't explain it any more than that because I don't get it.

I'll admit that the video kind of bored me, reminding me almost of a male version of TWICE's "Signal" music video. Although they aren't necessarily aliens, so I guess that's a difference. Also, it may have just been one boy that had the powers. I didn't really watch too closely after the first few times because I didn't really care too much. The video suffices and probably is great for fans of the group, but as for somebody that was still tentative on them, I can't say that it really drew me in.


In the end, I have to say that I'm disappointed. I actually liked their debut track quite a bit, and I don't think that this comeback feels like a step forward for the group. I'd honestly go so far as to say that it's a step backwards. Their debut had a personality to it, and this song feels like it's ambiguous and lacking in that regard. If you're a huge fan of cute boy concepts you might still find this enjoyable, but I can't say that I recommend it beyond that.