Golden Child - LET ME



It's been nearly a full six months since Golden Child returned near the beginning of the year with "It's U". I really couldn't find myself enjoying that song in any capacity, and it definitely dropped my interest off in the group in general, but I still wanted to see them succeed. I didn't have too much time to check out the teasers for this comeback, so I just went in hoping that they'd go back to something more akin to their debut track's sound and/or vibe. 

The Song

"LET ME" delivered pretty well on my hopes. There's an overabundance of happiness and positivity slathering this track and I was so glad to see that come back from "DamDaDi." The instrumentals for the track grab your attention immediately with those infectious claps and simplistic guitar riff. The synths in this song are very fluffy and bright, and the vocals mirror them nicely without being drowned out by their lack of total contrast. 

However, it's not all just sunshine and rainbows for me with this track. The song feels extremely repetitive pretty early into the song due to how short the main riff is. It feels like it repeats itself for such an extended period that it drones just a little too much. The hook doesn't feel all too inventive or catchy, with just a simple echoing of the words "let me" without much vocal variation or interesting vocals to begin with. Still, there's a lot to like with this track. The verses have nice vocals and the rap, while slightly out of place, had a solid flow. All of the vocals provided were crisp and clear, and the high note of the song was nice and stable to boot. Overall the song is a positive one for me, though I'm afraid "DamDaDi" still hasn't been topped.

The Video

The video has some great uses of color, all of which make it fairly obvious that this is a summer comeback. While the outfit choices weren't too interesting on the whole, I liked that they weren't over the top and that they weren't completely matching one another while still being conceptually cohesive. 

A lot of this video is dedicated to some silly antics that play on a lighter tone of humor. There's not really anything that will make you laugh out loud, but there's almost definitely going to be a smile on your face at some point in those three minutes. I don't think that there's anything too crazy about this video that ultimately makes it all that memorable if you're not a massive fan of Golden Child, but it served the song well enough and matched the general atmosphere that it was going for. 


"LET ME" is a return to form for Golden Child. It sweeps "It's U" under the rug and instead continues down the path that "DamDaDi" originally set the group on. A path that keeps the group firmly in the realm of a modernized take on a more classic style of K-pop that seems nearly entirely forgotten in the modern scene. If you're a fan of over the top upbeat, happy songs, this is bound to make your day a little brighter.