GOT7 - Look



The last time I checked out GOT7 was back in October of last year when they dropped "You Are." The seven-member boy group did drop a pre-release track prior to "Look," but I opted to sit out on a review of that as the video was only a little over a minute long. Still, GOT7 has been a fairly consistent group for me, and I was really excited to check out this release. 

The Song

This song definitely pulls on a familiar sound from the group, though there are new twists and turns on certain aspects that submerge this song in a fresh coat of paint. I loved how upbeat the chorus gets, and I definitely got some very light disco vibes from it. Overall the song sticks to a fairly tried and true formula that GOT7 has been using, and I don't see any reason for them to drop it at this point. The different tones of rap work well here once again, and the vocal line jolted the chorus with electric energy.

The extra adlibs of "ayy" and "whoo" were fairly welcomed, though I'm sure that some people will dislike them. For me, it injected the song with even more enthusiasm and zeal than I was expecting. My only complaint for this song is that the instrumentals threaten to overpower the volume of the vocals occasionally, and it's especially apparent during the bridge. Still, the song manages to please the ears without being cumbersome, and while it may be a tad overproduced in certain places, as a whole it feels well-done. 

The Video

There didn't seem to be much of a plot going on in the video other than the fact that it all seemed to be somebody's dream, which I'm more than sure GOT7 is for somebody. Still, since there wasn't much else here besides some nice visuals, I'd really like to just take a moment to recognize that superb choreography. That. Footwork. It looks incredible, and I think that this song will be a delight for anybody to see live.

There was a section where Yugyeom and Jinyoung danced together for the bridge, and that was also really great to see. The scenery being plastered with a galaxy overhead only added to that gorgeous scene and I'm sure it will be to the delight of many iGOT7s. There's a decent variety of sets used in this MV overall, and while I personally think that some looked better than others, it was nice to see the variety nonetheless. The last thing that I need to say is can we PLEASE let dabbing go now? It's 2018. Please.


"Look" absolutely adds to the lexicon of fantastic songs from GOT7. While it may not be an entirely new sound or direction from the group, it still stands on its own as a new track that is sure to have people dancing and grooving. If you like upbeat dance tracks, this song is sure to at least please you during the chorus. I'd actually recommend any K-Pop fan to check this release out, though.

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