GOT7 - Lullaby



It’s been a solid six months since we last heard from GOT7 when they dropped “Look” earlier this year. I also did an album review for the Eyes On You album, which in my opinion was a fantastic set of songs for longtime fans and new ones alike. I hadn’t really gotten the opportunity to check out any of the teasers for this track, unfortunately, but it’s GOT7. What else should I be expecting besides something of high quality and possibly a slightly experimental twist?

The Song

Well, “Lullaby” certainly delivers on what I was expecting. It isn’t a song that’s entirely similar to their most recent title track, which is nice as it helps me keep them separate and gives even more variety to the style of songs that GOT7 has performed. Instrumentally this has the most upfront amount of synth that I can recall from them since “If You Do.” It gives the whole track a very groovy vibe that has you swaying along in its entirety from the get go.

The vocal melodies are fast-paced for the most part, giving the song a nice amount of energy without overloading you. There’s a brief break during the beginning of the second verse that helps to balance out the busier nature of the chorus as well, and overall the song feels cohesive and well-structured. The instrumental break for a bridge was surprisingly welcomed as well. The instrumental and vocal presentations were both easy and pleasing on the ears, and moreover they were both fun and catchy.

I love how there’s a mixture of funkier riffs alongside the more modernized synth tones, too. It’s sort of like a meeting of eras, combining my personal favorite pieces of disco funk and gummy pop. I think that “Lullaby” might overtake “Look” for me in terms of placement on my favorite GOT7 songs, though I really don’t know if anything can top “If You Do” for me.

The Video

I feel like GOT7 has really been stepping up their game when it comes to aesthetics, and the MV for “Lullaby” follows suit on that trend. Everything in this video has a very dreamy aesthetic, keeping most of the tones light and sort of dulled and then blasting you with a few bits of incredibly saturated colors, especially when they’re plastered against the aforementioned washed out hues.

This is, sadly, another one of those videos that favors showing off aesthetic and style over choreography, but from what I saw, the dance looks pretty interesting. I’ll absolutely be checking out live performances of this one, and damn you JYP for making me want more than the MV could give us. On the styling side of things, the outfits in this video seems to line up fairly well with how I described the song - a colliding of a past era and a more modern approach to things. It’s great to see details like that being used subtly, especially in the cases where it provides just that extra bit of cohesion to the mix.

In terms of the plot or story, generally it seemed more like a combination of scenes with varying levels of bizarre, almost drug-induced-like ideas going on. I’m sure that the director was just thinking outside of the box, and it definitely worked. I found myself intrigued and entertained with the weird happenings in each setting, and overall I think that these peculiar ideas in tandem with the nice color palette use make this video incredibly memorable.


“Lullaby” is another excellent addition to GOT7’s already solid discography. The combination of retro-funk styles with modern day synth ones was an interesting venture that I think ultimately works in an incredibly unexpected manner. If you’re into tracks with groovy bass riffs, energetic guitar licks, and upbeat synth tones, this is one of the best examples of the entire year.