GOT7 - You Are



"Never Ever," the title track from GOT7's last mini-album, Flight Log: Arrival, dropped nearly seven months ago. As is becoming ever more customary for groups to do, the boys are returning for their second time this year with "You Are." There were a few teasers leading up to this release, and all of them were fairly interesting either visually, lyrically, or audibly. While I'm not the biggest fan of GOT7, I do fancy a song of theirs here and there. JJ Project released an album not too long ago that I quite enjoyed, and from the sounds of it, this was heading more in that same direction for the group as a whole.

The Song

The song features a soft plucking of electric guitar strings accompanied by synth sounds as the main instrumental choices. The drums quietly drop in at the start of our first verse, gradually picking up in speed, volume, and prominence as we shift into the first rap before absolutely slapping in during the chorus. There's a wonderfully delicate balance of fluffy vocals and harder-hitting raps during the verses and even during the bridge, whereas the refrain is comprised of vocals that are belted out in such a way that it's alarmingly beautiful while also feeling powerful. 

I really enjoyed this song from GOT7. There's a lot of smaller intricacies that I liked such as how they swapped the composition so that the two verses are just a little different from another. The first verse starts with singing and is followed up by a rap, but the second verse entirely features rap instead. Adding another rap to the bridge was something I didn't expect, but it works really well since the rest of the song is drenched in them already. The song feels different not just to ones they've released in the past, but also to what's currently the trend, and that's something I've been appreciating more as of late.

The Video

The music video starts off with one of the members seemingly stuck underground, looking up through a tunnel at the light that is incredibly far away from him. Then we transition across several members, each one holding their piece of a heptagon that bears the group's logo. Most of the members are on their own and in their own scenes, but we also get a few shots where a couple of them are together. We get to see very little of the dance in this music video. Instead, it takes a backseat to the massive variety of scenes that the boys are in, which honestly is almost overwhelming.

There's not much that I can make of or take away from the video, honestly. It seems fairly straightforward to me that it's symbolic of how no matter how far apart the boys are, they're always together. It's not the most revolutionary idea, if that's actually what it's about, but it suffices as an entertaining music video nonetheless. Fans of the group should definitely be delighted with the amount of time the members get just looking great on camera with some beautiful background scenery to boot. 


This is a deviation in terms of GOT7's previous musical styles, especially when you compare it to their song from earlier this year. It's a good deviation, in my opinion, and I think that they displayed the group's strengths exceptionally well in this song. There's a really great blend of singing and rapping, and I have to praise them for the chorus. It is something that definitely could have gone south in execution. However, instead of belting at the top of their lungs for it, they toned their voices down and managed to make it incredibly smooth without losing the sense of power that they were aiming for. While the video didn't impress me, I think the song alone warrants my approval and recommendation for "You Are."