G.Soul - Can't



G.Soul is a R&B singer that originally debuted under JYP Entertainment after an incredibly long fifteen years of training. Earlier this year, June specifically, he made the decision to leave JYP Entertainment behind him and instead switched to the H1GHR MUSIC label. This is his second song since his move, though he has been featured in a number of other artists' tracks since then. Up until this point, I had yet to be disappointed in anything that G.Soul had released, so I was expecting nothing short of a wonderful piece of art. 

The Song

"Can't" starts off with just a quiet drumbeat going for the first ten or so seconds before synthesized sounds smoothly roll over the beat like waves of the ocean. When G.Soul's heavenly vocals kick in, it butters up the already velvety tune and sends its tranquil mood to astronomical levels. The song seems like a perfectly crafted style of music for G.Soul's voice, and it plays to his strengths as an incredible singer. The high notes throughout its duration send a shiver down your spine from how lovely they sound, and the instruments magnify that blissful sensation.

G.Soul's sound is a fairly distinct one, and I don't just mean his voice. His music always has a certain characterization to it. I can't help but be aware of the unique combination of his singing and the choice of instrumentation in every song, and how they compound to always bring a different but familiar characteristic each time. From the variety of styles of music that G.Soul has attempted thus far, it seems like he finds a way to expertly adapt his voice to the given genre. "Can't" is yet another masterpiece that I haven't been able to get out of my head since I've heard it, and is definitely one I think I'll be listening to for a long while.

The Video

The video is very simplistic, with just several pieces of footage that show G.Soul and a band together in the studio. Sadly there isn't much to say about this, as it's really just littered with a variety of poor quality shots, really awkward camera angles, and it quite literally is just him and a band playing the music while he sings and feels himself. G.Soul seemed to be vibing pretty hard, which was about as entertaining as the video gets. After the first chorus, the video swaps to a different studio where much poorer quality filmography occurs.

The video is clearly not one that has the highest of budgets, and that's fine. Not every video has to be one that has a crazy plot, or intense dancing, or whatever else. That being said, I just found the video to be incredibly boring. Watching people play instruments, and showing off their equipment while throwing a few filters on top isn't something that interests me. I'm sure some people out there will enjoy the very plain nature of this video, but for me personally, I just couldn't help but start doing something else while just having the song play out.


It's really great to see G.Soul come back without much of a delay since his label swap. In terms of musical quality, it seems that he's managed maintain the state of perfection that we heard before, and that's definitely something to be happy about. I hope that in the future he gets something better for the video side of things, but music should always be the main focus in my opinion. If the video has to be sacrificed in order to continue producing sublime music, then so be it. I can't wait for G.Soul to impress me even further with the next release.