gugudan - Not That Type



It’s been over nine months since gugudan had their last comeback, at least if you exclude the sub-unit they debuted earlier this summer. Still, that’s quite a lengthy amount of time in the current day of K-pop. Even though they lost member Hyeyeon due to health concerns, I was more than excited to hear that they were going to be in the November rush. The teasers coming into this made it pretty hard to tell what kind of concept they were going for, but I have complete faith in gugudan so I know they were going to kill whatever it was.

The Song

Well, damn. gugudan is actually out here killing the girl crush concept way more than Weki Meki or PRISTIN ever did, but they’re not going to get the proper recognition they deserve for this comeback. From start to finish I found myself enjoying the track, even though I did take some minor issues with it. Still, this was hard to resist even from the get go. Those springy, metallic synths paired up with actually progressing percussion for the verses were incredible, and then when you pull into the pre-chorus the way those boisterous marching band horns kick in feels so invigorating. It gives the song a great sense of pacing and then all of it comes together in that irresistible chorus.

Unfortunately for me the chorus is where I had my first and only real issue with the song. The “I’m not that type” lyric is presented exactly the same way that it was in the pre-chorus leading up to it, and I think that if they had Haebin or Sejeong just belt that lyric out and murder it, it would have been so much better. Even still, the hook is delicious and has you pumped the entire time. The bridge to this song had that nice smooth lead-in, the raps being played against other vocals kept it from feeling forced or out of place, and of course the main and lead vocals were as impressive as ever. The song felt consistent without being over-repetitive and it’s such a great shift from what we’ve already seen out of gugudan that it definitely feels like they stepped their own game up, too.

The Video

Alright, I have to say this because it’s true - FINALLY we got justice for my bias Haebin. She just looked so damn perfect in every second of this video and I was super happy because she actually got a bit of screen time for herself. I don’t know that I can say that for other members, particularly Soyee, but I’m just ecstatic for my personal bias. Even if she didn’t get to flaunt enough during that bridge. Also, whoever gave the okay for Nayoung to hang her head outside the car like that - thank you, she looked so gorgeous in that shot. And also please never do it again I was so scared for her.

Okay, that aside, I loved the styling choices here. It’s got a solid mixture of girl crush with a lighter touch of pop on the side and the yellow color helps to highlight the girls in a really pleasing way. The sets used in the video are a little odd, admittedly, as they don’t seem to often match the sort of vibe that the song was putting out, but they also contrasted the members well to make sure that they never got lost into the background, so I’m not too upset about it.

There’s pretty much nothing going on in terms of a story. Instead it’s a bunch of nonsensical shots of the girls doing things that are I guess supposed to show that they are not that type. Honestly for girl crush concepts I much prefer this over having some storyline about how they were scorned by a random guy or something like that, it helps to keep the air of mystery and self-empowerment intact.

Overall the video is pretty solid and it even had some incredibly memorable shots. It didn’t do the greatest job at highlighting all of the members, but at the very minimum they all looked great. I could have done with a bit more cohesive sets to bring everything together, but at least they didn’t gather the members into some dark room and then use some red/pink overtones to make them pop out.


Whoever decided that it was time for gugudan to show how a girl crush concept is really done deserves a raise. This song has so much energy and serves as an absolute anthem for the concept as a whole. For fans that have been watching gugudan since their debut, this is a wonderful treat and I can’t expect anything but pure glee from them. I don’t care who you are - stop sleeping on gugudan and go check this comeback out!