GYEONG REE, also known as Kyungri, is a member of the group 9MUSES. The group has fallen off the wagon quite a bit, having several bumps along the way and still trying to move forward. It's gotten to the point where the group is just a whopping five members, one of which is on hiatus and four of which are part of the subunit from the main group. Still, 9MUSES has been a long-time favorite of mine since I originally got into K-pop, and their lack of recognition on the whole has always saddened me. I was excited to hear that GYEONG REE would be getting a solo debut, and I went in with high hopes.

The Song

Boy oh boy. Where do I start? Well, I suppose the first thing I should say is that I don't hate this song, I just think that there were a lot of minor details that really just threw the song off track for me. The auto-tuned portions of this track really didn't make any sense in my opinion. First and foremost, we all know that she can sing just fine. She's done so in the past and she even does it in other parts of this song. Secondly, a lot of the autotune was used for parts where she wasn't even really going for notes and instead was talk-rapping. 

Alright, let's switch off of all my negative thoughts and just swap right over to how much I loved that rich, bouncy bass at the chorus. It instantly reminded me of the very recent "Dejavu" by NU'EST W and it was a nice surprise. The background vocals were nice and soothing and provided a nice backdrop to contrast against the deep synths while the foreground vocals were breathy and sensual. This song is definitely has appeal for those that can sweep the unnecessary effects out, but for me I simply can't ignore them enough to have this as a song I'll be listening to often.

The Video

Similarly to the song, I'm a bit on the fence about the video overall. I'm not going to lie - I was fairly disappointed with the lack of choreography shown for this video. It almost entirely amounted to showing Kyungri's backside as much as possible while throwing in some more typical sexy poses in. Not to mention that this video adds to a collection of music videos from this year that have retro televisions placed in them randomly and act as though there is some kind of deep meaning behind them when in reality they're just a trend and a cheap, easy to get prop.

All of that aside, I loved the color effects used in this video. The portions that used a spotlight on Kyungri against a solid color background were great, and the hard lighting of red was bold and visually satisfying. I'm not so keen on the use of random blue satin sheet as a background while squishing the actual video done to have it just say GYEONG REE and BLUEMOON on the sides, but I would guess that it was an attempt at boosting sales. All in all, the video is definitely a visual feast for those that like to stare at GYEONG REE (and let's be honest, who doesn't) but past that I don't see much value or memorability aside from maybe a couple of shots.


Sadly I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed with this release overall. There were a lot of great ideas and good directions around this solo debut, but they all kind of got lost and washed out in a sea of others. It's not a complete wash, of course, but I was just hoping for something much better as a longtime fan. If you dug NU'EST W's latest comeback, I'd suggest at least giving this a listen as they have similar vibes, but other than fans, I'm not sure this will appeal to many others.