HEARTHEART - Crazy, gone crazy



HEARTHEART is the the first subunit to come from girl group Berrygood. It consists of members Gowoon, Sehyung, and Taeha, which was an exciting prospect as two of those members were strong vocalists in the group and the other was a rapper. When I heard about this subunit, I immediately imagined a powerhouse, emotionally hard-hitting track that would force people to acknowledge and appreciate what Berrygood as a group has to offer. I hadn't had much time to check out any teasers or anything, so that's all I really went in hoping for.

The Song

Well, it's safe to say that my hopes were dashed within seconds of the song starting. Still, even if what I thought this subunit would do was not the reality, I hoped that they could still blow me away with something else. Instrumentally this song had a very 90's R&B sound, and it definitely had me interested at least for a little while. However, the vocals is where I near instantly found myself taking issue. They missed the mark in my opinion. There's no bite to the singing at all, and honestly the vocals are so diminished that they practically blend into the song as just another instrument.

The instrumentals were kind of simple and a bit repetitive by the end of the song, and they just added to my sense that this song was just really missing a spark that would solidify it overall. I also didn't particularly find the hook to be all that catchy. It's great to see Berrygood do a different genre for sure, but I'm not sure that I'm impressed with what the end product is. I thought with their vocals that this subunit would be going for more of a Lady Marmalade show of impressive pipes, but instead everything just felt overly reserved. It's not a bad song at all, just that it could have, and in my opinion should have, been better.

The Video

There's an odd lack of group shots at all in this video, but I kind of liked it. Mostly it just allowed each member to be in their own scene and separated from the others, with the single exception being when they showed off the choreography. A majority of the scenes seem fairly aimless aside from the director's intent to portray a more mature and sexy side of the members. In that vein, there are a few symbolic messages worth mentioning.

In particular, Taeha's scene where she takes a bite of the apple. Speaking from a biblical standpoint, apples are a representation of temptation and sin. Taeha's first bite of the fruit is us bearing witness to her initial fall from grace. We see her later drop the apple and remove her blindfold. This is a visual metaphor for her loss of innocence, and her no longer being blind to her sexuality. The various shades of red that follow this scene are caused after she pulls out a Blood Moon tarot card. This can represent a number of things, either meaning a full loss of innocence such as from loss of virginity, or if you're into the more supernatural side of things, blood moons are often associated with the intensification of emotions and basal instincts.

Towards the end of the video we see that Taeha has her eyes opened while the other two are sleeping next to her, and then she whispers into Gowoon's ear. The next time that we see Gowoon, she's opening a letter that has the Blood Moon card in it, and this ending seems to imply that this is now an endless cycle, repeating over and over with each of the members. The whispering into her ear along with her smirk at the end of the video definitely made me think that Taeha's role in this was to essentially be the serpent that leads innocents down to a path of lust. In any case, there's a lot of symbolic imagery to dig through if you want to, and I can always appreciate that. 


"Crazy, gone crazy" sadly missed the mark for me. The lack of a real solid punch to up the ante here leaves the track feeling bare and droning, and the restrained vocals are criminal for a group that's more than capable of being a vocal powerhouse. While the 90's trend worked well and was a fantastic departure from Berrygood's norm, HEARTHEART's debut was just too reserved to make the splash the group sadly needs.