Heize - Didn't Know Me



Heize is a singer-songwriter and rapper under CJ E&M Music. She's mostly dropped the rapper portion of her prior years, and instead has begun to drill home the fact that she has an incredible singing voice and style instead. Last year, she absolutely dominated with "You, Clouds, Rain," a song that was bejeweled with Heize's distinct capability of conveying emotional weight. It only makes sense that we'd continue to see her develop this side of her music, and that's where "Didn't Know Me" comes in.

The Song

This song is distinctly slower and closer to a ballad than her previous works, though it's still not quite fully committed to being one. There's a section in the bridge that brings in a wubby synth sound very briefly, but it somehow manages not to detract from the serious nature and more organic feel of the instrumentation from the rest of the song and I loved that. As I mentioned earlier, Heize is exceptional at transferring emotions and imbuing them into her vocals, and on that front, this song doesn't disappoint. 

I will say that the instrumentation other than bit I mentioned is a bit too standard for my tastes, but it's not bad by any means. The empty guitar plucks and melancholy piano chords are sure to work for a majority of people, they just sounded a bit too similar to other songs for myself. Heize herself does sound great and I think that perhaps the simplistic instrumentals lend themselves to playing subtle and having her take the attention. Still, "Didn't Know Me" is an enjoyable slower track and one that's sure to gain traction with Heize's growing audience.

The Video

The worst part (or maybe the best part if you're into that) of ballad releases is that they almost always guarantee a heart-wrenching video accomplice. "Didn't Know Me" wasn't quite as tear-inducing as some of the more recent works from other artists I've seen, but it does follow a story that doesn't seem to have a happy ending. From what I can tell, the video follows the story of a guy who was dating a rising starlet, and their relationship ended poorly. He takes his emotional distress and puts that into acting in part of a play.

Later it seems that the play he is acting in is actually about his ex, and that only adds to the sickening sense of pain that we see developed in him. He can't let go of both the past and this agony, and instead of really trying to move past it, he wallows in it and lets it control him and his actions. It's an Ouroboros of depressing bleakness. I absolutely love how this music video was done. The glimpses of the man in his current state and how it relates to his past were executed well and while I hope that this video is not how anybody in the world is actually handling their own despondency, I'm sure that it does speak to a wide audience.


While I didn't find "Didn't Know Me" overwhelmingly impressive as a song, I did find myself entrenched in its music video and ideals. There's no lack of ache or dejection in this song, and that merits some praise, but I personally don't see a progression for Heize here. It's still a solid song and I'm sure it will receive a good amount of attention. If you dig slower songs or even just want to see a less upfront video dealing with sorrow, you should check this one out.