HINT - Walkie-Talkie



HINT is a seven-member girl group under Star Pro Entertainment. For those who are unfamiliar, HINT is actually a re-branding of a former group named Turan that debuted all the way back in 2013. HINT technically debuted last year with "Tang Tang Tang" (not Fingertip) and "Walkie-Talkie" is their first comeback since then. I actually enjoyed "Tang Tang Tang" to a certain degree, though the lack in quality of the instrumentals and vocals certainly kept it from being a massive like for me. Regardless, I was still looking forward to "Walkie-Talkie" after seeing the amazing teaser pictures for it.

The Song

The song wastes almost no time at all jumping into things. We very quickly get a "walkie-talkie" lyric that starts to repeat while a cheery synth bumps over a stifled bass. The song moves into the first verse which features a chant-like talk rap and a quickly sung part right before we move into the pre-chorus, which is one of the few parts of the song that really slow things down. There's a lot of background sounds sprinkled throughout the song, though none of them are particularly conducive. 

The first thing that I'll say is that this song nearly never slows down or stops assaulting your ears with noise. Even when it does get to the slower parts of the song, everything is at such a high volume that it doesn't really make a difference. I was only halfway through the song before I was already checking to see how much longer it would be until it was over. I found it really difficult to distinguish which part of the song I was listening to at any given moment, aside from the bridge where the instrumentals finally hush down for a few moments before everything fades back in.

The Video

Vibrant colors are all over this video, ranging from deep reds to bright blues. Everything from decorations in the background to the girls' outfits are dripping with wonderful hues. However, a lot of the scenes are shot in fairly lackluster and boring areas. Heck, there's even a plain white room with the only thing of note in it being windows. In fairness, the video is mostly just a demonstration of the choreography for the song, and I have to admit that there were several portions that did seem rather cute and fun.

The video portion of this comeback was pretty standard and typical to me overall, though. While the colors were pretty fantastic and the outfit choices as a whole were something I adored, there was nothing particularly standout still. Dramatic colors have been an increasingly popular trend in music videos over the past few years, so the lack of a story for this video really hurt its potential at being memorable. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of video, but I honestly can't see this giving the girls much more traction than they've had in their past endeavors. 


While I was initially excited to see what kind of approach HINT would be taking this year, I have to say that I'm almost completely turned off by them now. This song was a huge miss for me and I can't help but say I'm disappointed. "Walkie-Talkie" serves as a stepping stone to a path of messy music that the group hopefully diverges from so that they might get more attention. Perhaps I was hoping for a bit too much when I thought about what this comeback might be like. If you're in the business of liking music that's just nonstop energy and in your face, this might be for you, but it's sadly not my cup of tea.