It’s finally HWASA’s turn to take a swing at having a solo debut, making her the final MAMAMOO to do so. HWASA has a pretty specific aura and style about her that’s unmistakable, so when I went into this I expected nothing less than sassy, catty fun. I didn’t have time to catch any teasers leading up to this, though, so my expectations were based purely on her past involvements with MAMAMOO’s music.

The Song

Well this song certainly follows along my expectations, puling a lot of that attitude and fierceness that HWASA is known for and condensing it into a brief few minutes. She combines her prowess of rapping with her throaty vocal power and gives the whole song an edge that likely wouldn’t happen from any other artist in the industry currently.

Unfortunately, I think that the song on the whole punches just a little too softly. There’s bits of bite when it comes to the lyrics and such, but the instrumentals completely contrast it with their much more playful nature, especially that flute. The rap parts are easily my favorite bits of this debut, featuring some rather harsh lyrics that just ooze venom. I really wish that the instrumentals would have backed the more serious lyrical aspects to give the song more texture, but the juxtaposing of the two has its own effect as well, just one that I don’t particularly find favorable this time around.

Overall, though, the song is fine. It’s catchy, it has a very unique sound in the current market, and there’s nobody that can replicate HWASA’s rooted vocal style. If you told me that this is what HWASA would debut with - I’d probably have responded with something like “yeah, that makes sense.”

The Video

This video hits a bit more where I wish the instrumentals had when it comes to relating to the lyrics. Right off the bat you can tell that HWASA’s boyfriend is overly needy and she’s annoyed with him because of it. He doesn’t seem to have any other interests other than being with her, and it’s an overwhelming aspect that happens sometimes in relationships. This comes back later, too, in the form of plastic bags over HWASA and some backup girls, implying that the relationship is becoming suffocating. The bird being pinned to a tree is also another metaphor of this, with its wings essentially clipped and it being unable to fly and exert its freedom.

Later in the video we also get some odder clips - HWASA and several girls wearing white and a sculpture of a pair of hands almost touching in the background. The hands touching, in my opinion, represent HWASA and this boy. When she’s wearing white, she was pure and more innocent - the hands are close to touching but aren’t actually there. Right before the shift when she’s wearing black and standing over him, we get a flash of the hands coming together, and it’s symbolic of how HWASA was actually the one to make this boy the way he is now. She’s standing over him and he’s looking up her dress - possibly suggesting that she’s shown him every bit of herself and that’s what has made this guy so obsessed with her. It’s certainly debatable as to the real meaning behind it, but that’s what I got out of it, so we’re just going to move onto some other parts of this video that stood out.

Hwasa sitting on a throne wearing a crown? It’s essentially asking for the whole “queeeeennnn” meme nonsense to be splattered all over the comments section. It would have been anyway, but hey, nothing wrong with giving the fans another reason to do it. Well, that and bringing Whee In into the mix just to have a pseudo-lesbian scene with the camera positioned to make it look like they’re nude.. only to pull out and reveal they’re both fully dressed. What a concept.

Overall, this video was entertaining and HWASA looked great as per usual. I enjoyed that it really pulled more of the attitude of the lyrics into the mix, and while some of those outfits were questionable, I really hope to see her wearing that animal print and latex outfit on stage in performances and really giving it her all with the stage presence that she’ll undoubtedly have for this debut.


It’s been a long time coming, but HWASA has finally made her solo debut with a song that is 100% authentic to her personality and style. If you enjoy some quirky bits of pop infused with powerful and commanding concepts, or if you’re just a fan of MAMAMOO in general, I think that this is going to be a good starter for you in 2019. I’m not too big of a fan of the song myself, but there was enough to tide me over for the duration and I can certainly see myself popping it on every now and again in the future.