HYOMIN - Allure



After many a cancelled reviews for HYOMIN’s songs, it’s finally come that I just push through and actually put one out there. To be upfront about everything - I’m a longtime T-ARA fan. HYOMIN was bias within the group and is one of my longest standing biases in K-pop on the whole. However, her solo music has been very washy to me. While “Nice Body” was an interesting start to her solo career, almost all of her followup titles have failed to do much other than make me want to mute my audio. That said, she does have a nice record of b-sides behind her, and as she is my bias, I always at least check into her music.

The Song

Okay, the first thing that I have to say is that this song is incredibly similar to SUZY’s “SObeR” of last year. I’m not claiming plagiarism by any means, but it’s the same sort of minimalist, quirky styling. Granted, SUZY already had her fair share of accusations regarding that song being quite similar to a Selena Gomez track, so perhaps we should just categorize this genre as something altogether and be done with it.

All of that aside, this is finally the first title from HYOMIN since her solo debut that I’ve actually enjoyed. It’s fun and vibrant, there’s not an overly sexual overtone, there’s no roller coaster vocals, and it doesn’t sound entirely uninspired, all of which were complaints I had about her previous solo songs. This time around, we’re given something simple and down to earth, and it’s like we actually can hear and feel HYOMIN’s presence in the song. It’s definitely not a song that’s immediately gripping, but I just feel like it fits so much more in line with what I’d originally expected from HYOMIN’s solos. It’s basically all of the elements that I enjoyed of her past releases, boiled down into a song that’s more readily presentable and palatable.

The Video

I have to admit, I’m really curious how HYOMIN manages to keep some of these higher budget production values behind her videos. Well, maybe not for “U Um U Um”. As best I can tell, she doesn’t seem to do too well on the charts, and her music videos have relatively low view counts for an artist of her tenure. Coupled with the fact that she’s housed under a new company that doesn’t really have anything reputable behind them, it makes for a mystery almost as deep and convexing as SM’s initial conceptualization for NCT.

That weirdness aside, this video was fairly entertaining. HYOMIN is, as the title of the song suggests, alluring and she has a draw to her that doesn’t quite get explained properly by words. There’s an air of sexiness that’s around her, but it’s also there without any seeming attempt on her part, not that she certainly doesn’t put forth the effort and amp it up in this video. The quirkiness of the song comes into play as well, with several scenes featuring unnatural poses and movements that are entertaining whilst bizarre.

There really isn’t too much to talk about in terms of what’s going on here, unfortunately. There’s tons of shots of HYOMIN simply just getting male attention, and even female attention at some points, which makes sense as the whole concept is that she’s irresistibly alluring . The most symbolic thing in the video was when a bunch of markers were pointed towards an apple, which I don’t think needs further explanation than that. Other than that, it’s mostly just HYOMIN looking great in a variety of outfits, though. It left me wanting a little bit more, but at the same time, I didn’t expect all that much going in.


“Allure” is a song that provides what I personally felt almost all of her solo releases have been missing. There’s personality and flair without it becoming overwhelming, and it really just gives you a sense that HYOMIN put herself entirely into this comeback. I don’t know that it’s going to be a song that I’ll remember by the end of the year, or that it’s going to even make my top tracks of the month, but it’s a solid display of HYOMIN’s personal charms, and it’s certainly not your everyday K-pop track sound.