iKON is a seven-member boy group housed under YG Entertainment. It’s kind of surprising that I haven’t had a chance to review a song of theirs yet, but each of their comebacks seem to line up with a time-consuming event in my life. Anyway, this is the final comeback in their three part series that they put out this year, and with how much success they’ve seen from this endeavor, I had some pretty high expectations.

The Song

“GOODBYE ROAD” is a track that certainly fits as a nice bookend to their rather impressive year. The combination of dramatic strings, hip-hop flairs, and emotionally-laced vocals bring this song to a level of understanding for listeners across the board. There’s a great sense of inner peace that comes across this whole song simply due to its presentation, and it all just feels comforting. Even without knowing the lyrics to this track, you get exactly what it is about and the sentiment that it’s trying to convey.

I love the use of raps in this track, which honestly on paper sounds like it wouldn’t work out so well in a more ballad-styled song - but they do. Which is a testament both to Bobby and B.I’s capabilities, but also to the composition and production of this track. It feels as though this were crafted with those parts in mind and helps to complete the song as a congruent piece.

My biggest gripe with this song, though, is the ending to it. That last thirty seconds or so just kind of felt like unnecessary filler, even if some of those notes were filled with emotion. I’ve never been a fan of chanting in songs, and I won’t be making the exception here, either.

While the song itself isn’t something that I’ll personally be replaying a lot, I definitely see its appeal, and I think that it will chart strongly.

The Video

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like YG is always skimping on the budget for iKON’s music videos. Go back and watch any of their videos from this year - something about them just feels like there’s a budget limitation where there shouldn’t be. There are extremely limited sets and very little in the way of special effects. Which would be fine if the plot of the video or the cinematography were gripping. But for me, it’s really not.

Most of this video is comprised of the boys walking around looking as though they’re reminiscing over the past, which obviously matches the concept of this whole series. However, it just doesn’t make for much in the way of compelling and/or engaging content for the viewer. I wish there was more symbolism to dig into, or that this series was more interconnected between videos, or even if there were just more interesting set pieces. Something for me to really latch onto, I guess.

The video isn’t terrible or anything, and I actually think that the choreography looked graceful and beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the dance in full sometime. But other than a couple of quick shots, I don’t think that much stood out to me as memorable for this video. It does its job and fits in with the message, but I just wanted a little bit more.


“GOODBYE ROAD" is the final piece that will undoubtedly cement iKON’s newfound status as a mainstay powerhouse in the current scene. With their sudden rise this year and the consistency of the quality in their music from that point, I don’t see them hitting the brakes anytime soon. (Although YG might have something to say about that.) If you like slower tracks that give you a sense of solace, this is a great track to check into.