IN2IT - SnapShot



IN2IT is a seven-member boy group under MMO Entertainment and CJ E&M, formed from the survival reality show Boys24. I've personally never really looked into them or heard anything from them, so this was going to be my first experience with them. I based my expectations on other boy groups that have also debuted from similar shows, i.e. Wanna One or UNB.  

The Song

Some parts of this feel really cheesy, but damn that bass synth is wavy and the chorus is really snappy, no pun intended. This has a very old school feel to it, the ridiculous English lyrics included. Conceptually I actually found this song fascinating. It's clearly going for a very runway style of song, and it nails that while also simultaneously managing to create a level of seriously catchy vocal melodies. Even the parts that I consider to be corny work so well for the vibe of the song and had me wanting to sing along.

This song is fairly simple, but I really feel like it works in its own favor due to the direction the song was trying to take. There's no need to push for anything more than they did here, and I love that they didn't try and extend past those boundaries. In addition to all of these positives, this song is also INCREDIBLY different than everything else going on in the scene right now, so it helps them stand out a lot more. This is my first time hearing an IN2IT song, but I think I might just be a new fan.

The Video

Alright, so the music video seemed to match that cheesiness I was talking about earlier, but that kind of just made me love it more. The whole video is visually in line with the concept as well. The runway walks are so over the top, but it seriously just works. The fashion choices they have in the video also match up, and make for some slick and yet interesting styles. Just everything about this video and song align and unify as a cohesive idea in a way that was so solidified that I was astounded.

I know that the concept itself is very simple, but the consistency of it throughout every facet was just fantastic to me. It was also kind of neat to see something very basic conceptually, as most boy groups right now are going for a more artsy, metaphoric imagery type of deal. It's not the best music video that I've ever seen, and a lot of it really comes off as corny, but I simply loved how overarching and present the theme was. 


IN2IT seems to have struck a chord with me in a way that I was not expecting. They pulled me back to a time when K-pop was much simpler, and I'm sure that makes me sound like an old person, but I feel that it's true. "SnapShot" keeps things clean and stays on track, and I think that this song has honestly made me a fan. If you like campy songs with strong bass synths, check this one out.