It’s been a little over a year since INFINITE had their last comeback, so I have no doubt that fans are eager to see what they’ve got for us today. Unfortunately I didn’t really dig “Tell Me” all that much, and I also didn’t really have time to check out the teasers leading up to this release, so I didn’t know what to expect. I went in blind, and at most all I was expecting was another high-energy song that only INFINITE could deliver.

The Song

Well, I basically couldn’t have been further off than what INFINITE delivered on. I should have expected with the winter season still in effect that we would get a slower almost ballad type of song, but since K-pop in general hasn’t really been going for that lately I kind of forgot that was even a possibility. Anywho, they opted for a much more emotional track, one with the weight, power, and finesse behind all of the vocal performances to give a song like this the punch it needs to be impactful.

Seriously, so many groups that try to do slower tracks like this completely miss the mark on just how important it is to have convincing vocals, but INFINITE show us just how it’s done properly here. Even the raps are laced with similar emotionally-crippling tones and it’s all a delightful performance that clearly is meant for the fans.

While this style of song really doesn’t do much for me in terms of being something I’ll put on replay, this one does a great job of carrying purpose to the point that I can actually see myself coming back to it every now and again. It’s not necessarily catchy, but it’s sticky enough to find enjoyable while you listen to it, even as all of the heart-tugging vocals are almost painful listen to.

The Video

Similarly to the song itself, this video holds a lot of meaning. There’s something there in just about every scene - you could literally jump to any point of this video and there’s some kind of imagery to dig into. It was almost overwhelming in a way, but in a way that made me want to put this on repeat and just try to figure out every bit of it.

In that regard, it’s my personal belief that most of the scenes in this video are about how INFINITE are always going to be together with fans. Even if they aren’t promoting, or if they inevitably disband one day, the bond that ties all of the members and their fandom together will never be broken. The phones represent a meaning of connection - one to their fans and one another, and you can see early on that the cord seems to go every which way without end. Towards the end of the video we see one of the phones drop and break, which I actually think might be a reference to Hoya’s departure. That might be wishful thinking on my part, but personally he’ll always be a part of INFINITE for me.

Anyway, past that, I have to admit that I’m pretty astounded there’s not a single clock in the video for a song called “CLOCK.” That’s some next level marketing or something. Jokes aside, I liked the video pretty decently. It was memorable for being unique with its imagery, and that’s only solidified by how there’s so much meaningful imagery that will undoubtedly get some Inspirits to shed some tears.


“CLOCK” showcases INFINITE’s ability to perfectly convey emotion with every note sung, something that a lot of groups can’t boast as equally. The depth and message of this song are a lovely sentiment to fans and the group itself, and I think that the very essence of the concept behind this track is a beautiful one. If you’re a fan of slower songs that carry a good emotional punch, I think that “CLOCK” is going to be an easy recommendation for you.