Can you believe that it’s been over a year since IU last had a comeback? While I was lucky enough to have caught that and reviewed it at the time, I have to say that I’ve been itching to review more of IU’s stuff. Suffice to say, I was pretty damn excited to learn that she would be having a comeback this month. I didn’t get a chance to check out teasers of audio or images, but I already knew what to expect - high quality music with that unmistakeable IU touch.

The Song

And what a surprise! This song is exactly that. The classic quirky style that IU brings to every song is plastered all over this song, from verse to pre-chorus and refrain. Instrumentally this is a lot more tame, mirroring more her recent endeavors with songs like “Palette” and dropping even more of the instrumental experimentation for a minimalistic approach. So much of this song’s flavor and soul stems from IU’s vocal delivery, and it most definitely should when you pair that with some rather scalding lyrics. If you haven’t read a translation for yourself yet, I suggest finding one, because the lyrics are actually important to this track. If you just want a quick summary - it’s a song about telling people to stay out of her business and quit gossiping over things they don’t know anything about.

Past that, I obviously loved this song. The more R&B flavor of the track is great and she definitely works it. The fact that this is such a catchy song paired with purposeful lyrics only means that the impact this track will have in Korea is that much more meaningful. I’ll cut this portion short because I really do only have praises for this track.

The Video

Okay, so this video might not make sense to those that didn’t have a lyrical understanding of it off the bat, but if you did, this video was amazing. I’ll delve into that in one second, though, because we have to talk about those colors. What an absolutely great use of a multitude of pastels alongside bolder saturations to bring out a solid contrast that draws in the eyes in. Those bold yellows are killer. IU obviously looks amazing as always, too. I don’t think there’s anything that girl can’t rock, because even the questionable outfits in this video looked incredible on her.

So let’s start off with talking about the importance of the yellow color used all over this video. It’s importance stems from the lyrics, where IU mentions that you’ll get a yellow card if you cross the line of her privacy. In sports in general, a yellow card is given as a cautionary warning to players, so whenever you see yellow in this video, it’s meant to represent IU’s privacy that she feels has been intruded on. So when you see something like the newspapers, or the yellow darts on the board behind her, she’s saying that people are just trying to find things in her private life to gossip about, and regardless of their veracity, it’s nobody’s business.

She has scenes of her pretending to be like the paparazzi, hidden under a bunch of clothes and looking everywhere with binoculars for anything, even though it’s obvious that she’s looking into the privacy of someone’s home. We see IU trying to paint yellow all over a gigantic field that seems hopeless to cover, showing that she feels she’ll never be able to keep up with people getting into her personal space. She even wears yellow outfits to say that what she wears gets attacked.

The last thing I wanted to say is holy christ IU is so cute when she’s thugging on fools. Her pseudo-gangster moves in this video had me gushing. All in all, loved this video, and I especially love how much it tied into the lyrics for the song.


I never really know what to say about IU. She’s got such an incredible discography and musical style, but I feel like everybody already knows that. “BBIBBI” is a great song with a solid message, and while I’m not sure it will help IU’s private life, I’m glad that she got to get it off her chest. I think this is just another one of those songs that is universally appealing, so I have to recommend you listen to it no matter where your K-pop affiliations lie.