IZ*ONE - Violeta



It’s been just just over five months since we last heard from the new massive hit girl group IZ*ONE last year. Admittedly I’ve been essentially completely absent from the K-pop scene for all of March in a small bit of voicing my disapproval and discontent with the industry after the scandal broke out. That said, I didn’t check out the teasers or anything when going into this song, I just simply dove in with high expectations after the girls had such an amazing start.

The Song

Structurally speaking, this song follows a pretty similar pattern as their debut track. Things start off on a softer note, the verse progresses into a more energetic cadence, and then the pre-chorus shifts everything to prep us for the instrumentally-focused chorus. This time around, though, everything just feels a bit more weighty. The vocals come across more crisp, the instrumentals pound harder, and overall the whole song carries less of a traditional feel in favor of a more upbeat, bouncy synth fiesta.

I’m somewhat torn on this song. It’s definitely fun, and in my opinion it adequately serves as a fair follow-up to what was arguably one of the strongest girl group debuts of the entire decade. On the other hand, those scratchy pipes during the chorus can certainly feel grating. If the pitch was just a tad lower I think they might be a lot more tolerable, but as they are in the final product I find them uncomfortable on the ears. However, everything else within the song feels so solidly put together that I don’t think it detracts enough for me to not recognize that this song is still fantastic.

For the most part, I think the song is punchy and addictive. I don’t see it achieving the same kind of popularity as their debut, though I also think that expecting that would probably be overly optimistic to begin with. It’s a good song with an unfortunate hiccup that will inevitably put some listeners off, but other than that, I don’t think there’s many faults to find here.

The Video

Well if it hadn’t already been clear from the group’s debut, these girls look absolutely unreal. This video really only solidifies this notion, putting the girls into a much less bold color palette than we’d seen them in last time, and instead opting for some pastels and generally colors that are easier on the eyes. This also bleeds into the general colors we see in the scenery as well, with much less of a drastic feel overall to compliment the outfits rather than contrast them this time around.

Past that, it does seem that there is a bit more symbolism to delve into for this video as well. Most of it revolves around the crystals in the video which are refracting light onto the girls as well as a few different objects throughout. This likely plays into the lyrics of the song, which talk about “violeta” which is the final color of the rainbow. So to speak, it’s sort of about how somebody is their “violeta” - their end of the rainbow. So basically these crystals are supposed to end up representing either a lover or loved one, depending on how you would want to interpret that. Likely the latter for most fans that want to feel more connected with IZ*ONE.

The sets this time are definitely better, though there are still moments where it seems like the girls got cheaped out on a bit with some rather plain walls that are simply colored, and nothing else at all going on in the room. Still, there are other moments such as the flower garden or the aesthetically-pleasing room with chandeliers that pull this video up and away from letting those other rooms dominate your mind for more than a moment if even.

I don’t think I’d be doing this review a service without mentioning the choreography for this comeback. Seriously, this is two for two now if you ask me. IZ*ONE by far has some of the most intricate, interesting, and visually drawing dance moves of any girl group on the market right now. There’s such a great mixture of moves here - from majestically flowing slow ones to zipping fast sharp ones, this dance is flawless. Admittedly I’ve already watched a few other performances here and there to check out more of the choreography which only proved this point even further, but I’ll be damned if I don’t recommend everybody to at least check out the full dance for this one. Even if you don’t like the song, watch it on mute and be mesmerized with how whimsical it all is in one full go.

All in all, this video was just fine. I do hope we start to see some plots dipping in soon, though, as those are always the kinds of videos that I find more appealing and interesting. For now, however, this definitely suffices and gives fans a feast for their eyes until the next comeback.


IZ*ONE had a lot of expectations and pressure to follow up on their incredible debut, and while I don’t think “Violeta” is a stronger song, I think it’s still a more than serviceable comeback that continues to exhibit the vast potential that this group has to offer. Everything from the visuals to the vocals, the styling and the concept comes off clearly and strongly, and it makes for a very appealing, appetizing treat of a followup. If you enjoyed “La Vie en Rose",” I don’t think there’s any reason that you shouldn’t give “Violeta” a listen.