JBJ - Call Your Name



JBJ is a six-member boy group under Fave Entertainment and CJ E&M. They were all participants on Produce 101, but none of the boys managed to make it into the final WANNA ONE lineup. I personally didn't have a chance to review their past releases, but I'll be upfront and state that I did like them. They weren't in my top songs for the year or anything, but they were solid and enjoyable. I went into this knowing that this was JBJ's final release, so I expected something of a ballad-like release.

The Song

Stylistically speaking, this is pretty much what I was expecting. It wasn't a full on ballad, and there was a very reassuring vibe throughout. It was heartwarming to essentially gleam that the boys were telling fans that even though this is goodbye, that fans shouldn't be sad and should be optimistic for the future. This is all even without reading over the lyrics, which reinforce exactly that idea. 

Is this a groundbreaking song that's going to set trends for K-Pop groups for years to come? Definitely not. However, it is a great song with a lovely message for the fans. It has exceptionally well-delivered vocals, a logical and beautiful flow, and ultimately, it strings together a powerful emotional pull via a combination of lyrics, passionate singing, and wistful instrumentals. 

The Video

This video genuinely seems to include some candid clips of the boys hanging out on the beach and enjoying themselves, and I've mentioned in the past, that these type of honest shots are one of my favorite things a video can have. Obviously they are also aware that this will be their final release together, but even still, they seem happy and hopeful for the future, which mirrors the atmosphere that surrounds the song.

 The trailer set really reminded me of Akdong Musician's "Last Goodbye" music video, which seems fitting as this is JBJ's farewell song. I'd say that overall this video is fairly simple, and that's exactly what I like about it. Instead of complicating their departure with some cryptic nonsensical video, JBJ released a very clear goodbye for their fans. While there were some definite tear jerking moments, such as the note in the bottle, they really underplayed it. Instead of forcing the waterworks, it feels like they come more naturally here.


A sad song was just what I was expecting to hear as JBJ's final release. It's tearful and emotional for sure, but it also holds a hopeful tone throughout. It's not the strongest song in this style, but for fans of the group I think it's the best way for them to say goodbye. If you're a fan of JBJ, this song was literally made for you. For other fans, if you're a fan of BTS's "Spring Day," I think you should give this one a listen.