Jimin Park - April Fools



Jimin Park is a solo artist under JYP Entertainment that technically debuted all the way back in 2012 with fellow labelmate Baek Yerin when they debuted together as 15&. Since then, Jimin Park has had her solo debut and a followup comeback with a mini-album. I've been a fan of Jimin Park for a while, and I always thought that it was a shame that she wasn't a more popular artist, so when it was announced that she was finally having a comeback, I was more than a little excited to be doing a review on it.

The Song

Subtler and quieter tones than one would normally expect give the whole track a very underhanded sort of delivery, but it's something that works in an unexpected way. There's a sense of heaviness and darkness all throughout the song, even if you aren't catching the equally gloomy lyrics. This is one of those tracks where the instrumentals mostly just take a backseat and instead we get Jimin Park's wonderful vocal delivery cleanly ringing through and pushing things forward.

It's not the first time that this kind of atmosphere has been dabbled in when it comes to K-pop, and I'm sure it won't be the last, but every time that one of these tracks releases I find myself straddling the fence on whether or not I like artists doing them. On the one hand, it's different from nearly every readily available mainstream song that hits the airways, but on the other, it feels like it just doesn't work as a title track.

This is the type of song that's not an attention grabber, which is the exact reason that I'm unsure of it as a title track. Jimin Park's previous title track followed this pattern of being what I would consider to be the least marketable off of her albums, so I suspect that this is the case yet again. And I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't cut its way into the top 10, or possibly even top 20 right now. With the current state of this year's hits being almost entirely mainstream-centric tunes, I don't know how well this well fare. And that's the biggest shame, because after JYP Entertainment delayed and delayed this comeback, even to the point where she herself had openly ranted about it, they should have given her something that would service her career better.

In the end, I do think the song is good, I just don't know about it being the title track. I'm a fan of hers already, and I do plan on reviewing the album at some point when I get the chance, so I would have been checking it out either way, but I can't imagine that this would be the kind of song to bring in many new fans to be doing the same. 

The Video

The video for this song is something that I can honestly say I was not expecting, and one that I don't think much of anybody would be expecting. It's just as grim and ominous as the song, if not moreso, and it makes for a hauntingly captivating time. If you haven't already watched it, I'm going to go full stop here and just say go and watch it. I'll be spoiling some things about it below, but if you haven't seen it, I seriously recommend going and doing so before reading more.

Okay, so this whole video basically starts off on the note of her murdering her boyfriend for whatever reason. It seems as though they had some kind of serious fight, and when he comes to try and patch things up, things just go awry and Jimin deals with it in her own way. I'm unsure of who would be convinced that this guy is alive, but apparently whoever it is that's moving the fridge into her house are completely oblivious to what a living human does. 

We see her act quite vindictive and petty in this video when we find out the reason that she was so upset with him - he cheated on her. If you couldn't catch it, when she takes his phone, she starts to text the other girl he was talking to and, while pretending to be him, tells her that he's found somebody new and that they should end things between them. It's such a cold act for her to do when the guy is dead.

Well, at least until we find out that he isn't dead. After two people literally have sex on a bed that breaks and crashes down on top of him, it's revealed that he's missing and we see him trying to limp away from the scene only to fall again. This whole video is just a ride on a level of maturity that is often not seen in K-pop, and it was really a delightful twist to watch. I'm already a pretty big fan of darker concepts, but taking things to these types of extremes only earns more praises from me.


"April Fools" is a solid song with a concept that's not too common at the moment in the K-pop scene, as well as some wonderful execution in both the vocal delivery and the mood of the instrumentals. Even though I personally don't feel confident in how it will perform as a title track, I do like the song and I hope for the best for Jimin Park. If you're a fan of mid-tempo, foreboding melodies, then this is undoubtedly one of the strongest contenders for the whole year.