Jus2 is a brand new subunit split from GOT7, featuring members JB and Yugyeom. This technically isn’t the first subunit from the group, having had JJ Project a couple of years even before the full group made their debut. Still, this is the first time that this particular pairing is officially releasing something, and I was definitely intrigued to see what kind of different approach we’d see from them in comparison to what you might expect out of GOT7.

The Song

That difference was almost instantly noticeable when this track started. If you went into this looking for some high-energy craziness, you’d definitely find yourself disappointed. Instead we were given some sleek, sexy, smooth vocals layered overhead an almost relaxing instrumental. It’s a lot more of a matured sound than you typically find in K-pop, and one that a group like GOT7 hasn’t truly gone for, especially not for a title track.

It really was a surprising change of pace than what we’ve seen of GOT7 to this point (not that I don’t love their music, too). Not only does it give this subunit their own flair and uniqueness that warrants a reason to split away from the main group to begin with, it also gives longtime fans the chance to see a completely new style emerging. Additionally, I can definitely see this being the type of song that might appeal to somebody that wasn’t too interested in GOT7’s discography previously. It might even serve as an entry point for those types to start slowly branching into their other songs and finding them more appealing than before.

This isn’t the type of song that grips you immediately, but if you’re not pleased with it by the end, I’m not sure it’s a grower, either. I personally found it to be enjoyable fairly early into the track, but I also mostly enjoy these types of chill tracks to begin with. This is one of the times I’d actually point to a song using voice modifications in an intelligent way without it being disruptive or annoying, too, so that was a major plus.

Overall, I liked this track. It doesn’t necessarily deliver anything massive, but it also doesn’t set those expectations to begin with. It’s the sort of track I imagine that you’d want to just drive around empty streets at night with. It’s a mood-enhancing track, and that mood is chill.

The Video

I have to admit, this subunit got a lot more budget than I was expecting it to. I mean, I don’t really have a reason as to why I thought they wouldn’t get that big of a budget other than it just being a subunit, but still, it was a pleasant surprise. That aside, honestly this video almost felt like it would be seizure-inducing to epileptics. I’m sure that’s likely just an exaggeration and not the case, but there are definitely some scenes where I felt I needed to stop looking for a few seconds because of all of the flashes.

I don’t know that I can write this review without mentioning Yugyeom’s little dance in the box with the cool freeze frame trails behind him. That was such a neat idea and it looked awesome when it happened, especially when JB came in after and danced in front of it for a bit. It wasn’t anything too crazy, but it definitely stood out to me. Well that and how great both of them looked, but that’s probably a given.

The colors in this video are generally leaning towards neutral palettes, with the exception of a few scenes that purposely introduce heavy, bold color as a contrast that draws your eyes in. It was done really well and I didn’t find it jarring, but rather intriguing. With a song titled “FOCUS ON ME,” obviously the idea is that it forces your eyes to focus in on the scene, particularly what stands out in it. Which, of course, ends up being either boy. It was a cute and simple way of having the viewer interface with the concept in a way that most people might not even realize they’re actively doing.

I’m curious to see what this dance is going to look live, because there were a lot of times where I couldn’t tell if it was just for some visual impact in the video or if it was legitimate choreography. Overall, though, this video was solid. I liked several of the effects used, especially the transitions making everything look like (mostly) a single long take, and while I probably could have done without all the weird glitchy stuff at the start, it didn’t end hurting my opinion of it on the whole.


“FOCUS ON ME” is a track laden with tones of sensuality and softness, bringing out a side that we haven’t truly seen from GOT7 yet. It takes a mature approach along with a seductive underpinning and puts them both into a sleek, compact, and digestible song that should easily attract both old and new fans alike. While I don’t expect the song to chart very strongly on the iChart, I still think it’s a good song that will appeal to anyone that enjoys subtler, sexier songs that aren’t as obvious, upfront, or loud.