KEY - Forever Yours (Feat. Soyu)



The members of SHINee are incredibly talented individuals, so it should come as no surprise that KEY would finally be getting his solo debut. KEY is an interesting character in the K-pop scene, with a particular flair and color that is all his own, so I really didn’t know what to expect from a solo from him. I didn’t really have time to catch any of the teaser images or anything leading into this, so I went in blind with the high hopes of gaining a new solo artist to fall in love with.

The Song

I don’t know what it is, but I swear that if you put Soyu as a feature in your song, it automatically makes it at least three times better. I don’t even like Soyu or her voice that much, so I guess it’s just that she wisely picks who to work with or something. Anyway, this song was actually a surprise. It’s got a mixing of a few genres, but they all blend together fairly seamlessly and it feels like one solid cohesive piece in the end. The vocals are energetic without being overpowering or overwhelming, and the blending of his voice and Soyu’s, while actually a fair bit more subtle than I expected, was fantastic.

I really love the chorus of this song and how much it stands apart from the rest of the track. It’s not that it overshadows those parts, per se, but that it’s such a powerful and well-crafted portion. The way that he sings “forever yours” just sounds so genuine and it’s beautiful in a way that’s often not found or appreciated in K-pop. All in all, I’m pretty happy with this debut pre-release track. I’m not sure how well it will do with the mainstream Korean public, but for me, it’s an easy thumbs up.

The Video

I guess I should have expected some kind of odd quirkiness for a music video when it came to KEY, but for whatever reason I didn’t. And it really threw me off when this music video went from him being a car mechanic to a car mechanic that was actually outfitting his car to take him into freaking outer space of all places. I was getting some Back to the Future vibes at first, but it just got thrown into a completely different direction as he started to explore the depths of the galaxy, eventually ending up in some weird place that apparently other car-flying explorers had ended up before.

The video felt pretty limited in budget for sets, seeing as this whole thing was essentially set inside of a car and/or in front of a green screen. Speaking of which, there were definitely parts where the green screen effect had obvious tears, but they were kept in the video. I’m not sure if it was really intentional or not, but it felt a bit cheap to me. Like SM didn’t want to fork more money over to digitally edit them out or something. It wouldn’t surprise me, though.

Overall, however, the video did a lot of great work even with the limited amount of set pieces. I liked seeing KEY exploring outer space, which is possibly a metaphor for him exploring his own musical style and direction, and I think that the video was memorable enough due to its unique peculiarities.


It’s been a long time coming, but I’m so happy to see KEY finally getting to have his solo debut. “Forever Yours” might not be a chart-topping monster in Korea, but I think it’s a great track with a simple, wholesome energy to it. It’s clear to me that KEY poured his heart into singing this track, and I really do hope that fans go out and support this debut. If you haven’t already, go give this one a listen.