KEY - One of Those Nights (Feat. Crush)



It’s been almost three weeks on the dot since KEY released his pre-release track for his solo debut, and I’ve been anxiously anticipating this release. SHINee has long been one of my absolute favorite boy groups, and to hear that KEY was going to be getting a solo debut was exciting. That coupled with the fact that “Forever Yours” was such a wonderful song on its own? I was damn near giddy heading into this track. I didn’t expect something within the same vein as the pre-release, but I also didn’t really have a chance to look at any teasers before listening.

The Song

Alright, I know this is probably going to come off the wrong way and definitely rub some people wrong, but I’m not sure that I agree with SM’s choice of title track for KEY. I think that this song is much less interesting and unique than his pre-release song was. Sure, it has a pretty powerful draw with the Crush feature, but Soyu is just as, if not more, of a great feature. I don’t know, I guess I just think that instrumentally this is much more standard than “Forever Yours.” Maybe not in the traditional K-pop sense of standard, but the general guitar instrumental is pretty played out in Western pop.

Additionally, I just don’t think this song has the same impact. KEY sounds like he’s holding back on his vocal prowess during the chorus, toning it down so that Crush’s falsetto rings through clearly. Whereas there was an intense passion that could be felt in the pre-release, this feels slightly less as powerful.

Okay, my gripes on title track choice aside, and despite my writing how the song as a whole lacks in comparison to “Forever Yours,” I actually do like this track. It’s not mind-blowing or groundbreaking, sure, but it’s just catchy enough to get stuck in your head. While I wish there was a bit more to really bite into when it comes to its delivery of the punches, there’s still enough there to keep you chewing for the duration of the song. I don’t know that it’s a strong enough song that it will keep you coming back for more, but in tandem with the pre-release are enough to get me excited to hear the full album.

The Video

Well, I know that I kind of just trashed this song in comparison to “Forever Yours,” but the video has the exact opposite story for me. I wondered what was up with all the weird budget choices previously, but this music video honestly explains it. The whole video is gorgeous and engaging with numerous sets that seriously appeal to the eye. While the color palettes are a bit too washed out for me to truly enjoy or appreciate, the sets and concepts themselves are so gorgeous that they work anyway.

Visually there seem to be some metaphors, too. Perhaps myself just looking into things too deeply, but I like to think that the trains are sort of like a modern day update for ships passing in the night. It’s simple, but it’s effective, and for further evidence of my claim you can see that KEY ends the video on a beach, and the fact that water is pouring in almost every scene towards the end of the video. Somewhat reminiscent of a ship has an interior breach and begins to fill with water? Call me crazy, but I think it totally fits the bill.

Anywho! I think the video was absolutely lovely. I think it was a bit weird that we never actually saw Crush and KEY in the same room, but maybe there were some scheduling conflicts. Or maybe the director just liked that, who knows. The point is that I love the video.


I’m definitely disagreeing with SM’s choice on making this KEY’s title track. While the song is by no means bad, I just don’t think it stands up against the pre-release track in the slightest. I love Crush’s feature and I think that he did an excellent job, but I also feel like certain aspects of the song felt too underplayed to really make the song feel like it has a lasting impact. If you’re a fan of KEY I still think it’s a good song, and at the very minimum the video is damn gorgeous. Otherwise? I think I’d say to skip it and just go listen to “Forever Yours” instead.