KHAN - I'm Your Girl ?



KHAN is a duo girl group that is under Maroo Entertainment. The pair consists of two members (Minju and Yuna) from the former girl group The Ark, which many fans, myself among them, believed to be a group with amazing potential that disbanded much too soon. With Halla's recent re-debut and now KHAN, it seems that fans of The Ark are finally getting some much needed content to respark that old love. The only expectation I had going into this was for something different than the mainstream norm.

The Song

"I'm Your Girl ?" presents a much more ambient, atmospherically powerful song rather than something upfront and brunt in its approach. That isn't to say that it's lacking in stickiness, however. The chorus vocals smoothly bounce and roll, and are almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head after your first listen. The brief presence of steel drums was slightly disappointing for me personally, but they're downplayed and utilized to a minimal degree that it doesn't detract from the song at least.

The contrast between Minju's and Euna's voices work beautifully in this song, pulling a sort of emotional draw out of listeners almost from that alone. The choice of more subtle and quiet instrumentals to allow for the vocals to take even more prominence worked out fantastically in my opinion. It really draws you in to the members themselves and their talents rather than having a hook based upon a snappy melody. All in all, this was a great debut track that reminds former fans that these girls are still out there and still working hard, and it brings a fairly different vibe and sound to new and old listeners alike. 

The Video

The color scheme for this video has blips of brightness here and there, but mostly it features a dull set of tones. It gives it a serious vibe right off the bat, and even though there isn't anything that dark that occurs in the video, it still holds those kinds of visual aspects. It's an interesting contrast against the somewhat brighter tone of the song, especially at the chorus. I found it to be a contradiction almost, but one that worked in a way that made this all the memorable. 

Minju's dancing was on full display once again which was a sight to behold as a longtime fan. Seeing both girls dancing across from one another was made all the better because of the look of genuine smiles across their lips, too. It seemed as though they were genuinely happy to be working with one another again, and it really transfers a unique and natural vibe to nearly the entire MV. While the video is technically nothing revolutionary or amazing, it had high production values and a great color palette that pulled away from the common oversaturated look, giving it a distinct look and vibe that I really enjoyed.


KHAN's debut track is a glorious departure from the standard fare of current K-pop mainstays. It's a song with an interesting push and pull between some dark moody currents and addictive, poppy overtones, and that dynamic helps to set it apart from the current set of chart-toppers. If you were a fan of The Ark you owe it to yourself to give this one a listen. If you weren't but are a fan of more atmospheric and more understated shades of pop, you might find it of interest, too.