LABOUM - Turn It On



It’s been a little over four months since we last heard from LABOUM. While “Between Us” wasn’t a song that was going to be the absolute show stopper that I think the group needed, I did enjoy it and I thought that the general mature direction they were headed in felt appropriate in timing and nature. That being said, I didn’t really have all too much time to dip in and see what this new track was supposed to look and/or sound like, so I just tossed myself head-first with high hopes of the girls continuing forging their new identity as a five-member group.

The Song

I can’t say that I really enjoyed this release all too much, sadly. The general tone of the song felt very static, which wasn’t helped at all by the fact that the vocal melodies were purposely sung with a softer approach. That lack of energy in tandem with the instrumentation not having much variation throughout the course of the track left me feeling like what should have been hefty punches were instead just a couple of taps with a severe lack of oomph.

While I’m normally a fan of Latin-styled soundscapes, this song didn’t really benefit all that much from it. It kind of felt like it didn’t want to dive in fully with those vibes, and just incorporated the acoustic guitar backing to cash in on a trend. I don’t hate the song at all, though I probably sound like I do from what I’ve said thus far. It’s one of those songs that feels like it could have been an absolute killer song with just a few tweaks here and there, and that’s what makes it just that much more disappointing for me.

The Video

The video, on the other hand, is something that I can absolutely get behind. I don’t think that anybody can say that money was not poured into this music video. The general cinematography, the gorgeous color palettes, the high quality definition, the special effects, the gorgeous makeup and fantastic outfits? All of that was on point and then some. If you go back and look even at just their most recent comeback prior to this there’s a noticeable step up in budget and the resulting products.

While I love that LABOUM finally got something of a quality that was much more than I was expecting, I’m unsure that the whole introduction to this video, and the general concept overall, matched the vibes of the song. In fact, from the introduction I was expecting pretty much anything but a Latin-esque pop tune with bright and cheery tones. Still, I love that this video was on the darker side of things, and those longer pans of single-camera shots were incredible. Since dark concepts, and even moreso zombie concepts, are hardly used in K-pop, I think that this video will stick out in my mind as something memorable, possibly even moreso because of the odd contrast of the song and video.

(Random thought: This really reminded ZOMBIE LAND SAGA. The whole taking a zombie and trying to make it look, seem, and act like a regular person. Especially since this technically involves pop idols. Though I’m still not even sure what the plot twist at the end was? It turned out they were the zombies? Or they sucked the zombie-ness out of him..? Or like.. they summoned more zombies by accident? Seriously, I have no clue.)


“Turn It On” pulls away from LABOUM’s previous comebacks once again, though the darker and more matured styling and sound that they picked up this year is retained. The Latin pop elements don’t really seem to do all too much for this track, but if you’re obsessed with that ongoing trend, I guess you’ll have another song to throw on your playlist. Otherwise, I’m not really sure I can recommend this song to many other people - it just doesn’t have enough output.