LEO - Touch & Sketch



LEO is the main vocalist of the boy group VIXX, who had their most recent comeback just about three months ago. When I heard that LEO would be getting his solo debut, I was kind of surprised, but also really excited. VIXX has been one of my top boy groups for some time now, so I wanted to check what he could do on his own apart from the group. I didn't check out any image or audio teasers for this, so I just went in with a blank slate and high expectations.

The Song

The very first thing that I thought of when I listened to this song was that it sounded just like something that Taemin might do. It has that nice, matured sexy vibe going on without it being overbearing or smothering. Instead it's like a sultry type of seduction that pulls you in little by little, and it's hard to realize that it's even happening until after the fact. 

Gawking aside, I liked this track enough. It missed the mark on a few points, but honestly I think that's me being nitpicky and comparing it to what I imagine Taemin would have supplemented if this was his song. Still, I really enjoyed the ebb and flow of this song. It had a nice mix of chill for the verses, while packing a lot more energy into the chorus, and the smooth transitions between each really made the song feel fluid in a clean, pleasing manner. Wrap all of that up with LEO's gorgeous falsetto notes and there's a combination guaranteed to have knees shaking. While I do think there could have been some improvements to the track, overall it was just a good experience, and I think a really nice way to kick off LEO's solo career. 

The Video

Let me just start off by saying that the color choices for this video were mesmerizing. Even though the softer, dulled palettes have really been picking up in popularity lately, I think that this has to be one of the greatest uses of that. Especially because the way that it was utilized for this video matched the theme of the song, so it wasn't just a random artistic decision, but one made with the clarity of an overall vision in mind.

A majority of this video was just the choreography, though I don't really take issue with that. I will admit that when I first saw the backup dancers I thought that he'd actually brought in some of the other members of VIXX. Maybe that was just me, though. 

I suppose I really don't have much to say about this video other than those few praises I've already listed. I'd like to see a full choreography version for sure, but I don't think I'm too impressed by what I saw from the dance. It did line up with the tone of the song, mirroring that kind of sensuous vibe, so that's always a plus. Still, I just don't think I'll be really coming back to watch this video in the end. I'd rather just listen to the song.


"Touch & Sketch" is a track that I don't think I was expecting out of LEO's debut. It's got a solid Taemin-esque flair to it, though LEO also mixes his own dash of personality into the mix to make it his own. I'm definitely interested to see where his solo music heads from here, so I'll be keeping an eye out for his next release. If you're a fan of sexier music that's more enchanting than it is raw, I think this will be a good match for you.