Lovelyz - Lost N Found



The last time that I reviewed Lovelyz was back in April, though they did have a pretty good Summer release in “Wag-Zak.” (It was criminally underrated, if I’m being honest.) Speaking upfront, I’m not a very big fan of Lovelyz, but I still check into all of their comebacks in case they finally release a song that will change my mind. I didn’t have a chance to get the drop on teasers or anything before tossing myself into this, but I pretty much just expected for this comeback to be.. well, another Lovelyz song is what I always expect.

The Song

I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of tilted by the semi-bait and switch that this song had. That first bit was so heavy and electronic, but most of that simply just abruptly stops and we get a mixture of what I’d consider to be more staple Lovelyz instrumentals combined with some funky bass grooves and less gritty synth tones. Still, this song is pretty instrumentally diverse and while string instruments alongside the digital sounds might not sound like it works, it certainly does in this song.

Unfortunately, though, I didn’t find the vocal melody to be all that interesting. It mostly just sounded like something that we’ve heard out of Lovelyz before, and that for me isn’t really a positive. Most of the time I find myself falling into the same trap with this group - I just end up getting bored of their songs before they’re even over. I’ve given most of their songs multiple runs through, this one included, but I almost never find myself wanting to come back for more. There are exceptions, of course, but “Lost N Found” isn’t one. I’m sure that this will work if you’ve enjoyed most of their past releases, but I don’t see this really pushing the group forward in any meaningful way, and it’s not going to be a breakthrough that garners them a mass amount of new fans.

The Video

I have to say that the styling and aesthetics of this video really don’t seem to jive well with the song. Whereas this song is mostly upbeat and has bits of other elements, cutesy was not one of the elements that I really detected. So to have the girls styled in.. well, they’ve been styled like this so many times now that I don’t even feel like describing it. They’re dressed innocently and it’s just such a weird choice for a song like this. They definitely look great and all that, but what they’re wearing seriously screams ballad - especially with the Winter season.

The sets weren’t all too impressive, either, though they weren’t terrible. The darker scenes had nicer contrasts that brought out a lot more eye-catching stuff, though most of it seemed fairly plot-less. As best as I could figure, they went for a simple love story where the girls are all waiting for the love of their lives to come back. From where? Why did they leave? How long have they been waiting? All questions that will go unanswered! All we know is that by the end of the video, whoever it was comes back.

Yeah, I’m not really feeling this video. I wish they did a bit more fun stuff like with the blue glitter liquid in the cups that they drink. In the end, though, it works just fine. It’s got a few shots that I think were really gorgeous, but other than that, I could have done with more.


“Lost N Found” isn’t going to be the comeback that shoots Lovelyz to the top, but it’s also not going to be one that disappoints their fans. It retains more of their signature style while still mixing in a few new ideas, and the familiar with the new should be more than enough to satisfy. I’m not going to say that I can personally recommend this to anybody besides those that have a penchant for the style of songs that Lovelyz is pretty much known for, though.