Lovelyz - That Day



Lovelyz is an eight-member girl group under Woolim Entertainment. They've been around since late 2014, and since then have had many comebacks, all of which really failed to keep me captivated past my initial listens. Still, I find myself checking back in with their comebacks and seeing if I might have my changed, and thus "That Day" was my latest attempt.

The Song

Well, I have to admit that I didn't expect this song to sound this way from the teaser. It's more of a matured progression of their typical style than I assumed they would do. To be frank, I was expecting to just glance this song over as "just another Lovelyz song," as to me they've stayed on what I'd consider a pretty linear path. I'll admit that it isn't the biggest departure by any means, but this song is a nice step up from their previous releases. 

I'm usually not a big fan of their songs, but this song has a few flairs that stood out to me. Namely the adorably catchy chorus and the literal use of their vocals in stride with the instrumentals to craft a smooth ride throughout the duration. Even if I don't like Lovelyz musically, I've always appreciated their fantastic vocals and I think that the more subtle placements of them in the background of this song are great. I know that I won't be throwing this on repeat or anything, but I found this to be a pretty solid song nonetheless.

The Video

This video mostly focuses on two things: the choreography and fan service. There are some subtle hints of story here and there, but overall those are there to provide some variety in moods as well a semblance of a reason for some of the fan service. The color palette is very soft and easy on the eyes, and it matches the more lighthearted nature of the song. 

I really enjoyed watching the girls do more of the silly antics such as being blown away by some wind, and I wish that the concept would have been pushed a little further. The circus/fair set was hardly more than a backdrop, and I think it could have made for a a more ludicrous and interesting focus. Still, the video was cute and enjoyable enough, and I'm sure that Lovelinus will enjoy all of the aegyo and other bits of catering. 


This comeback was certainly better than I was expecting it to be. "That Day" is a legitimate and sensible evolution of the staple Lovelyz sound. While I do personally wish that both the video and the music was taken a little further, both are still reasonably decent and will undoubtedly please their fanbase. If you've liked any songs from Lovelyz in the past, this one is definitely worth a quick listen.