MAMAMOO - Egotistic



It's been a solid four months since we'd last seen MAMAMOO, though their individual members have been saturating that gap of time with their own solo releases to tide fans over (check out my review for Whee In and/or Moonbyul). "Starry Night" was an incredibly massive success for the group, and though I personally didn't like the song all that much, I was still excited to see MAMAMOO moving into a different direction than we'd seen them in before. The teasers for this track sounded like a continuation of their exploration of their newfound style, so I have to admit that I was a bit on the fence going into it this time around.

The Song

I'll admit upfront that I was disappointed even from the teasers that this song was going to be following the current trend of Latin influences. Not that I mind that style of music, because I actually quite enjoy it, but I always used to think of MAMAMOO as being a group that did their own thing instead of following trends. That being said, this song was undeniably catchy.

I really enjoyed the guitar rhythms right down to the light percussive slaps of the acoustic instrument. The entire chorus feels like a wonderful, intriguing journey that keeps your attention without question. The verses make a delightful use of the different vocal colors of the members to really make each portion pop more than they should. Moonbyul's rap section having those light reggae vibes was a great technique to break up the flow in a way that still felt like the momentum carried through and the song maintained its cohesion.

I enjoyed this release not just as a MAMAMOO song, but just as a song in general. While I do sincerely hope that MAMAMOO isn't just going to be a trend-chasing group in the future, I can't deny that the sheer quality and enjoyability of this song are impressive. The energy and sassy playfulness of their vocal performances can't go understated, and I think that this is one of the more explosive shows of MAMAMOO's dynamic powerhouse pipes that we've seen in a while.

The Video

So in terms of a story or metaphorical imagery, there seemed to be basically nothing to go off. Instead, this video really seemed based on the idea of all of the members just looking insanely hot. And I say that with all due respect, because this was probably the most mature a K-pop group has gotten in a long time. There have definitely been solos like Hyolyn that have sparked controversy over the sexualization of the K-pop industry, and I really think that this will be another one.

That aside, this video was really more on the simple side of things all around. There was a pretty limited number of sets and outfits, but I kind of like how much they managed to use each piece to its absolute fullest. There really didn't feel like a time where I thought to myself that the sets were limited, and I only noticed because it's kind of what I'm supposed to do. 

I don't think that this music video is really for me in general, however, as gratuity in terms of skin and blatant attempts at sexuality are not really my style. Still, I think this will more than please tons of fans, even if there is a sect of people (not myself) vehemently against the sexualization of any idols.


While I initially was skeptical of this release, I think that MAMAMOO have once more won me over with their incredible performances. If you're a fan of the recent trend of Latin-inspired music, this is definitely one you'll want to listen to. If you're a fan of MAMAMOO, this is one you'll definitely want to listen to. If you're looking for a new song to add to your summer playlist, this is definitely one you'll want to listen to. You know, you should probably just listen to it.