Mamamoo - Paint Me



If you've managed to somehow stay unfamiliar with them, Mamamoo is a four-member girl group under Rainbow Bridge World. They debuted back in 2014 and have had several successful comebacks since then. I would think that it's hardly a secret that I happen to be a major fan of them and their music. Suffice it to say, Paint Me had me giddy like a schoolgirl the instant the first teaser dropped, and as per usual with my favorites, my expectations were set high.

The Song

The song instantly starts off with the chilling, piercing cries of Hwasa's throaty vocals blanketed atop echoing, ethereal piano notes. Solar follows up with equally vigorous notes before we're shifted into the first verse. Wheein softens things down, singing with a buttery, hushed voice that contrasts beautifully to the boisterous pre-chorus. The chorus itself shifts between all of the members, playing up the vocal colors of each of them and blending them together to create a beautiful, elegant landscape.

Before I even get to my opinions of this song, let me just outright say this. Moonbyul singing is a delight, and it added so much to this song for MooMoos. If you aren't a fan of the group or have little to no knowledge, you honestly would not be able to tell that Moonbyul is a rapper mainly. I absolutely loved hearing her do something different on a title track, and I hope it's not the last time that this happens.

The song is absolutely gorgeous. It is quintessentially Mamamoo. This is exactly what you would expect from a group that has the powerhouse vocals and killer vocal variety that they do. Between Hwasa's husky tone, Wheein's vigorous and sensual articulation, Moonbyul's impassioned vocals, and Solar's delicate yet powerful delivery, this is literally all you could ask for. I'll admit that I was not expecting this to be a ballad, but I was absolutely floored and pleased with this release.

The Video

The music video opens up in a plain white room that holds only a black piano in it. Hwasa and Solar are in this room in separate shots, each wearing lively dresses that are colored with brilliant hues, while they themselves are actually gray. Wheein is in a room that's the polar opposite, being pitch black and only having a white piano inside of it, and she herself is only wearing a white outfit. Moonbyul later is shown in that room as well, though she is wearing a red outfit.

The theme of the song is about how somebody brings color into your life. Memories are ascribed to colors, as are emotions and they create a painting upon a human canvas. The video is fairly deliberate in it's choices for things. The girls showing up without color and having them splash down and fill them in as the video progresses fits perfectly with the song and theme, and it makes for an absolutely breathtaking visual delight. I can't say much about this video because nothing in particular happens, though I did want to point out that those lights towards the end of it definitely look like lightsabers.

Overall I think the video is memorable simply due to the gorgeous effects, and for a ballad I honestly would prefer something this over a tragic story.


Obviously I'm more than a little biased when it comes to Mamamoo, but I think this song is going to be an absolute monster on the charts. The organic sense of emotion strewn throughout the vocals is exactly what a ballad needs, and the girls did not miss that mark even slightly. Mamamoo refuses to let me stop being a fan, and I don't think I mind that at all.