MAMAMOO - Starry Night



It's been a few months since we'd last seen MAMAMOO, excluding just yesterday when they dropped a surprise music video for fans. I didn't review that song or music video, but you can expect me to talk about it in the future when I do an album review instead. Regardless, the last time we'd seen MAMAMOO was when they released "Paint Me" back in January. If you want to know my thoughts on that music video, just click here. The teasers for "Starry Night" looked fantastic visually, and musically sounded like we might be getting the group's first attempt at a more EDM type of song. 

The Song

Where do I begin with this song? From the outset, I really was expecting some kind of leadup to an EDM drop, but instead of getting something expected, MAMAMOO threw another curve ball at me. I know that a common complaint that I was seeing about "Paint Me" was that some people felt like it was building up to something and never actually getting there. I have the feeling that complaint might transfer over to this song for some, but I personally am a bit exhausted of all the heavy drops that we've been seeing as late. That being said, I absolutely love the choice to just have a softer musical drop. There is that sort of upbeat bass rhythm during the chorus and I adored the use of those echoing cries from the members to infuse that section with an emotional charge.

The folky guitar lick that's present from nearly start to finish does draw a little dull towards the end, but it does drop out enough to keep it from becoming irritating in my opinion. It was also great to see Moonbyul crop up in the song more than just a single time, and I'm really digging the fact that they're having her sing more, especially so because it's a title track. "Starry Night" is nothing new as a general concept, but it is our first look into MAMAMOO'S musical evolution and capability of surging into different genres. In that vein, I think that this song is good. It's not MAMAMOO's greatest work in my opinion, but it does serve as a basis for fans to look forward to the ever-impressive and growing list of styles that MAMAMOO can pull off. 

The Video

I know that this is probably not something that most people will say right after watching the video, but I'm going to say it. I need a full dance video version for sure. I'll get to the scenery and general aesthetics in a moment, but my goodness that dance. It looked like there was a lot of focus on hand movements more than anything else. There looks to be a lot of inspiration from Indian culture incorporated into it, and that in particular I do find intriguing. 

Okay, so let's move onto those visuals. I feel like I've said this so many times already this year, but I've got to say it again. This music video is drop dead gorgeous. The scenery has some seriously delightful color palettes in almost every scene, and then there's the girls. I was honestly pretty iffy on Wheein's hairstyle prior to this video release, but I'm definitely sold now. Every member looks flawless, and there's such a great distribution of screen time for each of them. It's something that I feel MAMAMOO has always done well, but it still deserves to get some credit. 


"Starry Night" avoids over-complications and keeps things simple, but I think that there's a beauty in that restraint and modesty. That doesn't just end at the instrumentals, either. We all know that MAMAMOO are powerhouses when it comes to the vocals, and even those are toned down here. There's no belting of notes for extended periods of time, but there's still a good run through brief examples of their prowess. I think that if you're looking for a different sound that isn't heard too often in K-Pop, this song should be perfect for you.