MAMAMOO - Wind flower



It’s been another quarter of a year since we last heard from MAMAMOO, and that means that it was about time for them to drop the next part of their seasonal album concept. I’m honesty unsure if this was supposed to be for Autumn or Winter because the timing is pretty close to both and the color blue doesn’t exactly scream Autumn, but.. oh well. We’ll see in a few months, I guess! That aside, the teasers leading up to this were gorgeous, and I did manage to at least catch one audio teaser from the album preview, so I was cautiously optimistic about what I heard.

The Song

Well damn. I have to admit that I didn’t expect this song to be as charming and great as it turned out to be. Even though the teasers showed some major promise, I didn’t expect it to be like this. First and foremost, I absolutely love that MAMAMOO took a step back here - both in regards to overloading the song with the powerhouse vocals we know they’re capable of, but also just in terms of how hard the song hits in general. Both the vocals and the instrumentals, while interesting and catchy, are toned down just enough to give the whole track a nice chill vibe even though it’s not necessarily a slow song.

This is definitely a return to form, so to speak, for MAMAMOO. While I did enjoy their ventures this year with incredibly new styles and sounds from, this is the type of song that I absolutely adore them for. It’s a classy, jazzy retro style that their voices just dominate, and I am so glad that they went back to it. It’s not strictly within the styles they’ve explored, either, so it feels refreshing while also maintaining a familiar vibe that MAMAMOO made their name on.

Moonbyul’s rap was the one caveat for this song, featuring a small wobbly bass backing, but honestly it was also subdued so it didn’t affect my appreciation of the song much. Well, that and the fact that the rap was fantastic. Everything about this song from the little adlibs to the perfect contrasts between the voices of the members screams MAMAMOO, and I loved it entirely. I don’t think I could have asked for much more, especially coming from a Winter-themed album.

The Video

Okay, I need to find out who does MAMAMOO’s makeup and styling in their videos because they’ve somehow found a way to keep upping their visuals with each comeback. Something logically impossible, and yet is a reality. That aside, I loved this video, too. It was kind of sad seeing all of the girls on their own, but then the end of the video remedies that issue. I will say, it’s a bit odd to see McDonald’s so blatantly advertised in a video, but at the same time.. I kind of want an ice cream cone now..

That aside - the shots in this video were so gorgeous. There were so many great uses of color to make the girls pop off the screen, and there were also so many different sets of all kinds of color palettes - it’s almost mystifying that all of them were just as good as the last.

I don’t know when MAMAMOO got so good at acting, either, because the look of pure frustration on Wheein’s face as she smashed those flowers against the fence was so damn believable. Solar’s look of destitution in the mirror, Moonbyul’s pained expression as she raps? I’d cite Hwasa being silly and having a good time, but that might very well be the actuality of the situation and not just acting. The point is - they really improved their acting and I couldn’t help but notice it. That tied in with what I’m pretty sure are candid shots of the girls playing around? This is just what I wanted, if not needed, to see out of the group again.


“Wind flower” pulls MAMAMOO back to a style that had so many falling in love with the group in the first place. It’s familiar in a way that makes you feel comfortable, but not just a rehash of something they’ve done before so it feels fresh and exciting. It’s not intense or exciting in the expected sense, but it’s still catchy and moody without being depressingly slow. If you’re a fan of MAMAMOO’s songs of the past, I’d definitely say that this song delivers on everything you might have enjoyed previously.