MINO is the main rapper of the boy group WINNER, housed under YG Entertainment. If you somehow don’t already know, he’s a pretty accomplished artist in his own right, but this is his official solo debut. To say I was interested is probably putting it too lightly - I was happy and excited to see what kind of music he might do on his own. WINNER isn’t exactly holding him back, but I don’t think he gets to do all of what he personally wants to see himself do within the group, either. I didn’t have time to check out any teasers for this debut, though, so I just went in with high expectations.

The Song

Well damn. This song is absolutely striking. Right from the get go it has a specific energy to it that’s palpable, and it keeps that vibe throughout its duration. I absolutely love the instrumentals to this song, and MINO does a masterful job at working them with his vocals. Admittedly this wasn’t what I expected out of a MINO solo debut, but that’s only because I thought he’d be going into something a lot harder since he’s got a lot of clout from his Show Me The Money days. But what we got instead is absolutely great, too.

The song has such a great presence of interesting ideas. The weird spaghetti western-esque bits combined with the thundering bass uppercut you with a force that’s impossible not to pay attention to, and I think it’s a great parallel to how entrancing MINO is as an artist. There’s just this aura about him - the instant he starts rapping you focus on him like a laser. With a song like this I don’t think that I could possibly say that I’m not stoked to check into the full album.

The Video

This video is pretty solid, too featuring two incredibly different sets - both of which seem to correlate to different pieces of the song. There’s the lighter and more serene setting in the ifield, but then there’s also MINO inside some kind of palace being worshiped. From what I can tell, it’s sort of a story of how MINO is searching for the perfect woman of his dreams, and how he’ll go anywhere, even through time, to find her. It’s sort of interesting, but more than that I just found the imagery to be incredibly unique.

MINO himself looks awesome and commanding when he needs to, but he also shows some vulnerability here, too. I love that they found a logical reason that there’s so many women in the video. While normally they’re just there to be eye candy and basically sexual objects, they make sense here. He’s looking for his perfect woman, but he can’t find her. They’re all dressed the same - they’re all hiding their faces, how is he supposed to find her like that? They’re not being sexualized here - they’re being utilized in a really clever way.

I’m not sure what I would have expected on the video side of things for MINO, but something with him transcending through time periods wasn’t really on my list, so it was a nice surprise. All in all, it’s a solid video and I love that a lot of the imagery relates back to the lyrics and meaning of the song.


I don’t think it’s a secret that MINO’s an incredibly talented guy, but damn “FIANCÉ” is something else. Tarantino-esque comes to mind if I had to describe this song - it’s gritty and raw, but it’s also just an incredibly fun ride. MINO doesn’t go as hard as one might have expected him to do in a solo debut. Instead of hammering with everything he’s got, he replaces that with some finesse and unique artistry, and it really twists the song into something special. If you’re a fan of MINO at all, this is definitely worth checking into.