It's almost been a solid six months since MOMOLAND had last come back with "BBoom BBoom." In fairness it feels like they've barely even left the scene due to how long they promoted the song, and the fact that it's still currently running around in the Top 20 on the iChart is a serious testament to both its quality and its longevity. I can't lie, I was initially kind of worried about how the group would handle following up on their smash success. However, after the first teaser dropped, I was already sold. I kept up with MOMOLAND's teaser like the rabid fanboy I am, so I'd already seen the fairly huge spoiler going around, and going in I was just so excited to hear the song in its entirety.

The Song

Coming from the surprise success of "BBoom BBoom," it really only makes sense that the girls would stick with a similar sound. To that end, this song has a very similar structure overall, but I think there are more than enough differences to split it apart from being just a repeat copycat. Add more punch to the drums, fill in the horns with a deeper color, pull out the guitar rhythms entirely and substitute them with a much heavier EDM-styled synths that are then brought further into the forefront. Not to mention the vastly different vocal progressions of the song overall.

Speaking of the vocal progressions of this track, holy moly are there some parts of this that are impossible to get out of your head. The first half of the verse is already enough to hook in you in, but the instant it kicks over to Ahin, Taeha, and Jane, you're in it for good. The way that they play off one another for a fast-paced progression that ultimately leads to the Yeonwoo pre-chorus is honestly just as addictive as the chorus itself.

As I mentioned earlier, the song follows a very similar structure to "BBoom BBoom." The song opens up with Daisy singing followed with Yeonwoo's quick quips, Ahin handles the second half of the verse, Daisy has her rap break again at the same timing, and Nancy and JooE are the forerunners for the chorus. Those were probably the standouts in terms of members having the same roles and positions, which obviously isn't a problem, rather just something of note. I'm sure that haters will be all over this and calling it the same song, but if you can't hear the musical differences between this and "BBoom BBoom," you're pretty much hearing what you want to hear. 

So where do I land on this song in the end? Honestly, this might have topped "BBoom BBoom" for me. Maybe it's because I'm a bigger fan now than I was then, or maybe I just think the quality of this track is even better. I really loved the additional focus on keeping a more EDM-heavy dance theme present for a majority of the song, and as I'm sure you'll hear elsewhere, it reminded me a lot of T-ARA's glory days. As somebody that loved T-ARA and nearly all of their discography, I couldn't be happier with MOMOLAND stepping up to fill the hole they left behind.

The Video

If you thought you'd seen MOMOLAND just dancing around and having a great time before, this music video will have you reconsidering. This entire video seems like a collage of the trends that have dominated K-pop over the years, culminating in a half-parody, half-serious dichotomy. Take Orange Caramel's game concept from "My Copycat," T-ARA's shuffling dance from "Lovey Dovey," TWICE's costume dress-up ideas, toss in a bunch of other odds and ends, and then crank it all up to eleven. That's "BAAM" in a nutshell. Ultimately it seems like more of a homage than a commentary of everything, so I think that mostly this video just needs to be watched and viewed with fun in mind. 

I've no doubt that a lot of international fans will find the girls dressing up in other cultures' iconic fashion, but I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about how amazing all of the girls looked, and how it genuinely felt like for the most part, each girl had their time to shine. Nancy, Yeonwoo, and JooE probably did end up getting more screen time overall than other members, but I feel like I saw each enough that it wasn't overbearing. JooE's pink hair looked INCREDIBLE. Honestly Nancy's green hair showed up a lot better in the teaser pictures than it did the MV, which is kind of a shame, but she still looked good. Ahin and Hyebin absolutely MURDERED the ancient Egyptian concept with the classic Cleopatra hairstyle. Yeonwoo is always gorgeous, but man in that Áo dài? Speaking of, Jane also destroyed that look. I personally prefer Daisy in a more girl crush styling, but she still looked fantastic throughout, of course. I don't even know what I'm doing telling you all how amazing they all looked.

Dance-wise, there's a lot of recycling from other choregraphies going on, namely T-ARA's "Lovey Dovey" for the instrumental hook, but there was also the general hip sway going on during the chorus coupled with the hand over their ear move that reminisced of "BBoom BBoom." The shoot dance seems to be everywhere at the moment, though I want to say that this is the first time I've seen it coming from a girl group. That isn't too surprising, though. MOMOLAND was out there dabbing for their entire careers, and it seems like they want to keep up with current trends. I'm a little sad that Daisy doing the signature move from TWICE's "Signal" was removed from the official music video, leaving me watching the spoiler version and wondering if their company was worried about some kind of lawsuit. It's not the biggest deal in the world, though.

Are you confused as to why MOMOLAND released this concept when it's not Halloween? Well, let me break it down. After seeing that "BBoom BBoom" was on the top 10 of the iChart for so long, they figured that this song would last them plenty into Halloween, so why not go ahead and just dress up for it and release a summer jam that will become even more relevant as the year goes by. 

Jokes aside, I'm actually really happy that MOMOLAND got to do a concept that genuinely seemed fun for them. I loved the choice of light-up shoes as a main point for showing off the shuffling choreography, and while it's nothing new, it was still fun to see something a bit different against the current norms. I think I conceptually enjoyed their other music videos more, but this one is just too much fun not to enjoy as well. 


"BAAM" is a worthy successor to the insanely catchy "BBoom BBoom," but more than that, it's a fantastic song. MOMOLAND have toyed with EDM in the past with some of their b-sides, but it's never been so addictive and done so well. If this is the niche that the group wants to dig into, they're already proving themselves as more than ready to conquer the genre. If you're of "BBoom BBoom," which you should obviously be, you're going to love this one. GET YOUR TICKET!