MOMOLAND is a nine-member girl group under Dublekick Company. They debuted in 2016 and had their first comeback last year. "BBoom BBoom" marks their second comeback ever, and I'll admit that I was very excited to hear that they were coming back so early this year. While "Freeze" was a song that I did not enjoy, mainly due to the generic circus melody that recurred throughout, I still loved "JJan! Koong! Kwang!" as well as the entire Welcome to Momoland album enough to be excited. 

The Song

"BBoom BBoom" starts off with a distant acoustic guitar riff that persists throughout a majority of the rest of the piece, though it's fairly drowned out by the accompanying synth sounds that fade in and adhere to the same melody. It takes very little time for this song to show off it's colorful and upbeat style. The sound of blaring horns set a precedence that the drums, bass, and vocals all follow up on to create a fun and catchy tune that's easy to sing along with. There is a rather out of place break for a heavier style of rap that clashes against the lighter nature of the rest of the song. It does detract from everything else, but it's such a short portion that I feel it can mostly be glanced over.

 I enjoyed myself so much while listening to "BBoom BBoom." In fact, I instantly had to tell several people to go and listen to the song before I even set to work on this review. I know that it's really early on in the year, but "BBoom BBoom" is almost guaranteed to be one of my favorites for the whole of it. While I personally believe that MOMOLAND stumbled a bit with "Freeze," this song is slathered with so much personality and energy that I can't help but recommend everyone get their tickets for the MOMOLAND ride.

The Video

The video portion of this comeback features the girls all partaking in a fake MOMOLAND shopping network television show and trying to sell various items. There's a heavy emphasis on an 80's style aesthetic in terms of the random bits of coloring, the types of items that members are trying to sell, and even in the way that the shopping network is displayed with a granular filter. It fits in with the choice of using a synthesizer as a core instrument to the song. The other portions of the video are mostly there to show off the dance bits, though there is something to be said about the lively colors used throughout as well.

Sadly, this is not an entirely original concept in the slightest, but nevertheless I think that it was fun. There were bits for Joo E's sections that were obvious  references to her Tropicana commercials, but they weren't overdone or to the point of being intrusive so I do want to give a lot of credit to the director for managing to not cross that line. There was a lot of dancing shown in this video, and I always appreciate that. My big issue with this, however, is that there was an absolute ton of dabs thrown in, and while I don't mind trends, I really feel like this one is more than a bit past it's expiration date at this point. 


"BBoom BBoom" presents MOMOLAND with an absolutely fantastic start to 2018 in my opinion. This is exactly the kind of song that can get them some attention, and I'm glad that Joo E's Tropicana fame might also help push some of the spotlight onto them. If you're not already a fan of MOMOLAND or you haven't already checked this comeback out, I highly recommend you do so. GET YOUR TICKET! 

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