MONSTA X is a 7-member boy group under Starship Entertainment, and like many other groups of the current K-pop era, were formed through a survival show. I personally have not seen their show, but I've listened to nearly everything they've put out since debut. For me, MONSTA X is a fairly mixed bag - sometimes delivering songs that I enjoy, and other times dropping songs that I absolutely abhor. Still, I always check out their comebacks and this wasn't an exception.

The Song

"JEALOUSY" is probably the first time that I've listened to one of MONSTA X's songs and not felt a particular way about it immediately. While the bass rhythm was decent, there's a lack of interesting instrumentals throughout both verses and it left me unsure of what to think initially. The chorus makes some good use of that throbbing synth, but obviously the vocals take the spotlight, and I personally think that they outshine every other part of the song. The refrain is very snappy and sticky, and I definitely love that portion of the track. 

However, the verses left me with the opposite feeling. With the lack of powerful instrumentation, the raps felt tamer than they would have with some good beats underneath. The first verse in general does very little to pull you in, and I felt that the repeated "yeah" lines were a bit cheesy and an obvious effort to fill in that space with something. Still, the chorus pulls this song out of the lane of forgettable and into one of at least reasonable enjoyability. 

The Video

There's a lot of things in this music that I'm actually not a fan of anymore. There comes a point where too many groups start to use very similar sets and items in the videos, and it all just kind of starts to blend together into a blur of indistinguishable parallels. That's nearly all that I could think of while watching this video, honestly.

Harshness for unoriginality aside, I liked that most of this video was just showing off members and choreography up until the last bit where things quickly pieced together. They showed a lot of snips of the members doing things that implied that they were spying on somebody, and that obviously plays into the track being about jealousy. I do wish that there was less jumbling and fumbling of the camera when they were showing off the choreography, but I'm sure a performance version will be out soon enough.


"JEALOUSY" ended up being a song that unintentionally managed to mirror my feelings of MONSTA X as whole. The song doesn't necessarily clash with itself, but instead suffers from a shortage of memorable instrumentals and lackluster verses. I've no doubt that Mon Bebes will love this song still, but I can't recommend this to anyone that's looking for more than just a good chorus.