MONSTA X - Shoot Out



It’s been almost a full seven months since MONSTA X had their last comeback, which is the longest they’ve gone without making a comeback in a little while. I’ll admit upfront that I’m not the biggest fan of the group and I haven’t really enjoyed almost anything they’ve put out since “HERO.” Their most recent few comebacks have only further polarized my opinion of the group’s music. That being said, I didn’t check out any of the teasers for this track, and I just left my expectations blank going into this song.

The Song

Well it seems that MONSTA X are more than keen to continue exploring this combination of louder, more abrasive sounds coupled with a rather tame and standard progression. I think this song would fall more into the category that I don’t really enjoy due to the incredibly harsh and disjointed shift between the two styles, and the lack of sense of cohesion between them. While the idea and effect can be used effectively and have a really strong impact due to that distinction, there’s also the inherent risk of the song feeling like it lacks identity and flow, and in my opinion “SHOOT OUT” sadly falls into the latter category.

Individually I don’t think that the two styles presented here are that bad. I could probably do without the “waka waka waka” portion, or with a chorus that perhaps packed a bit more punch than mostly just a repeated “shoot out” lyric, but overall I wouldn’t describe any of the portions of the song as inherently bad on their own. It’s just that there doesn’t seem to be a thread that pulls them together, and it ended up feeling more disjointed than I tend to enjoy.

The Video

Not being a huge MONSTA X fan, I have to ask a very odd question. Am I supposed to realize that the gun and bullets in this music video are incredibly fake? Like they show them close up and in detail to the point that you can see the poorly done paint on the muzzle of the gun, and the bullets are very clearly just pills painted gold. Is MONSTA X campaigning a war on drugs? I’m legitimately confused as to whether or not I was supposed to know, so any information is seriously appreciated.

Past that, this video does a lot of fairly standard K-pop practices. It shows us some shots that don’t really have too deep of a meaning to them, shows us some of the choreography, gives us individual scenes that are visually appealing and basically just leaves everybody swooning over some attractive faces and bodies. I know that I’ve seen that damn set with the plants, retro TVs, and random lights laying about. Somebody will undoubtedly remind me of where I know it from, too.

All in all, it was okay. I liked the styling with the psuedo army outfits, though the other outfit choices were a bit lackluster for me. I don’t know how well I’m going remember this music video. At least not for anything past those silly bullets and gun.


Fans of MONSTA X and their more recent comebacks will undoubtedly have another track to fall in love with in “SHOOT OUT.” I personally have been losing more and more interest in the group with each comeback, but I know that the exact opposite is true for tons of people as well. If you’re a fan of polarizing songs with harsh shifts and tonally erratic progressions, then this might be appealing to you as well.