Moon Byul - SELFISH (Feat. SEULGI)



Moon Byul is the second member of MAMAMOO to be having a solo debut this year, and she's taken it upon herself to invite Seulgi from Red Velvet to join her. Knowing both groups fairly well, and having both of these members as my bias wreckers in their respective groups, I was ecstatic to hear about this collaboration. However, as is always the case with my favorites, I expected excellence and nothing less would suffice.

The Song

Having Seulgi as a feature was an excellent choice; she's got my favorite vocal color in Red Velvet, and I feel like her voice is just so adaptable and marketable in a variety of genres and that's definitely the case here. Combined with the deeper pitch Moon Byul has, their voices provided a great deal of variety and contrast throughout the song to keep it fresh and interesting for the whole duration.

Nearly the entire song has this understated guitar riff going that gives it a nice, relaxing feel even though the poppier synth melody going would suggest a bit more of a danceable tune. The chill vibes mean that this is the kind of song that I likely wouldn't actively search through my catalog for unless I was in the mood. I don't think it's bad, though. The production values are great, and there's certainly catchiness and fun here and there throughout, but it's just not the kind of song I'll be throwing on repeat. 

The Video

The video is incredibly bright in terms of color, but also in terms of its playful and lighthearted scenes. Everything is so vibrant and jubilant and it's really just a joy to watch it. That may be because I'm a fan and I loved watching both of these two acting like complete dorks, but I think that even those unfamiliar with the girls can find that same level of enjoyment. 

Similarly to Whee In's video, this one shows a very quirky and funny side that's inherent to Moon Byul. The humor is starkly different than that shown in Whee In's, playing more on the side of immaturity and unexpectedness, but I think that really speaks to Moon Byul's personality. Seulgi's feature wasn't just limited to the song, either, and she's in so much of the music video that it really seemed like more of a duo than a simple feature, and I loved that. While most of the video's charm lies in the gags and comedy, there's also a fairly forward attempt to appeal to the "girl crush" style that Moon Byul is known for. Personally I'm a big fan of that concept on the whole, so this video was pretty much perfect to me. There were just so many ridiculous parts of the video, even right from the beginning, that it was really just enjoyable from start to finish.


It's definitely great to see Moon Byul's personal style and tastes whipped up and condensed into a quick four-minute window. "SELFISH" is a great song to signal the start of Summer with, and it has a perky yet calming vibe that practically defines the season. If you enjoy Moon Byul or Seulgi at all, I think the video side of things will be an absolute delight, even if you don't dig the less colorful style of song.