MXM (which stands for Mix and Match) are a subunit of BRANDNEW BOYS, an upcoming boy group that's yet to actually have debuted. The two members, Youngmin and Donghyun, were both contestants on the most recent season of Produce 101, but neither made it into Wanna One. Now both boys are debuting together as a unit, doing so ahead of their actual group. 

The Song

"I'M THE ONE" is a song that lands somewhere between EDM and the trendy Tropical House flavor that's been impossible to escape from in K-pop this year. The song that ventures a bit more on the cutesy side of things, using brightened vocal tones and a higher pitch to lighten the mood. It features rhythmic finger snapping, cushioned synth notes, and drumbeats that fall close to the familiar 808 drums popular in the also currently fashionable trap style of music.

The ending of the first rap verse sounds incredibly similar to SEVENTEEN's "Aju Nice" chorus, which struck me immediately as odd. Other than that, I don't really have many complaints about the actual individual song. My main issues with it stem from how it compares to other music from this year. It's somewhat predictable, and it's a little bit too in-line with all of the overdone trends for my personal tastes, but it's a fair attempt at breaking into the market while both this style of music and the members are still going hot. 

The Video

The video is full of bright colors that jump off the screen, complimenting the upbeat and positive sounds of the song. Tons of pixel art effects are tossed around to add a somewhat unique vibe to the video. Once again, popular trends crop up with the boys spray painting random properties, and they also use the colored smoke grenades that seem to be in every video.

There was a particular point of interest in the music video to me, though. There's a scene where they release a ton of red balloons into sky, and while I'm not going to count to see if there truly were 99, I do believe this to be a reference to the old song "99 Red Balloons." It was an anti-war song, and I wouldn't put it past a director to visually use this sort of imagery as a more subtle way of wanting peace. 


I didn't want to say too much about this music video because this is a subunit for a relatively unknown group that hasn't even debuted yet. I do think the song is okay, and for people that either haven't listened to as much of this kind of music, or simply haven't tired of the genre, I think it will be effective. I will say that I don't see it charting too well. There's a flood of this type of music already, and they aren't the most well-known at the moment, so I do think it will slip quietly under the radar. That being said, I do think that this subunit successfully got me interested in seeing what BRANDNEW BOYS will bring to the table when they debut.