N.Flying - HOW R U TODAY



N.Flying is a five-member rock boy group under FNC Entertainment. The last time that we saw them was back in January of this year when they released "Hot Potato." I reviewed that song, and I really found myself enjoying it, especially in tandem with "The Real" which had been released prior to that. That being said, I hadn't had the chance to check out any teasers for "HOW R U TODAY," but I expected some more of that same fun, quirky style that separated them from the other mainstream rock groups in the scene.

The Song

"HOW R U TODAY" surprisingly veered away from the silly and lighthearted tracks of theirs in recent memory. There's still a faint trace of that upbeat and fun style, but it's slipped beneath a much more dramatic, emotional flair. The guitar melody hits harder and matches those near-pained vocals, but N.Flying also balances out those weighty choruses with lighter tones in the verses. All in all, the song has a solid mixture of power and cushion with just enough of each to keep the flow of it all interesting and engaging for listeners.

I'm somewhat conflicted on my feelings on this song as a whole, sadly. While I appreciate that N.Flying were trying out something new here, I really thought that they'd hit their stride with their other recent releases. It was surprising to see them switch things up again when I personally felt like they'd found their niche in the market. That slight disappointment aside, I think that this song is still solid, it's just not what I was wanting or expecting from the group. 

The Video

This music video has a much brighter palette than most of their previous videos, and there's some great scenery placed throughout as well. It was a pretty gorgeous video to watch, and the locations used were interesting and pretty different from their previous videos. Plot-wise, things seemed to be a bit thin, but that doesn't mean it didn't have depth. From what I gathered while watching it, it seemed to be a video about trying to say goodbye to a lost loved one. This really added some emotional weight in conjunction with the vocals in the song, and it added to the experience in a great way.

While that deeper, more meaningful connection is there to be made, visually there really isn't too much going on the video other than the guys and scenes looking great. It's mostly just them walking alone or playing their instruments, and we get a few glimpses here and there that we can piece together the story with. I personally don't mind these types of videos where things aren't so upfront, but I don't doubt that some may find this style of pacing to be boring and uninteresting.


Overall, "HOW R U TODAY" serves as yet another branching path for N.Flying. Whether or not they choose to continue down it or to take another route is yet to be seen, but at the very least the option is there for them. It's certainly not what I had in mind for this comeback, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you like other rock bands like DAY6 or CNBLUE, this just might appeal to you.