NATURE - SOME (You'll Be Mine)



Nature is a nine-member girl group under n.CH Entertainment. While I didn’t review it, I did check out their debut just a few months ago. Personally I wasn’t the biggest fan - it felt a bit too on the nose and typical without having anything to help them stand out from other groups. Still, I’m always a fan of finding and stanning groups that go under the radar, so I figured I’d at least give them another chance with this comeback. I hadn’t checked out any teasers or anything going into this track, so I just dived in headfirst.

The Song

Well.. where do I start? First and foremost, I absolutely love this song. This carries some heavy 2012 K-pop vibes when that bombastic chorus hammers in out of nowhere and it’s absolutely fantastic. I know that I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m not a fan of harsh switches of soundscapes and genres for a chorus, but “SOME” manages to do it in a way that was interesting. Upon your first listen it’s definitely an ambush lying in wait that you would never have expected. However, upon succeeding listens, it actually has the proper buildup and gradual transition that it needs to make it work. It’s such a clever way to subvert your expectations while still managing to be coherent. It’s almost like watching a solid mystery movie and then rewatching it to see all the hints that you missed the first time around.

So yeah, if I haven’t praised the song hard enough yet, let me do that right now. This song features some of the simplest yet catchiest vocal melodies I’ve heard this year. It’s addictive in the best way and when it gets stuck in your head it’s not annoying. Instead it' makes you want to put it on and jam out as hard as you can. While I was certainly skeptical on my first listen because of the initial verse, I can’t help but say that I’ve had this on repeat since I first listened.

The Video

The video, unfortunately, is where this comeback falls a little for me. The concept seems a bit too muddled. Is it a school concept? To some degree, sure. But it’s also a party concept.. and it’s also a a love story? I don’t know, the concept seemed to switch pretty harshly after the first run through the chorus, which does make some sense - the song itself has a surprising shift there, too. I just don’t know that it translated as well as the director had intended. Not only that, but pretty much every conceptual idea in the video is one that’s overdone. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that it’s nearly the end of 2018 and we’re still seeing dabs tossed out like they’re cool. We need to chat about that sometime, K-pop, but not now.

For now, let’s talk about what I did like about this video. The colors popped in an alluring way and helped keep your focus on the video if you hadn’t already been enamored by the absolutely adorable girls on your screen. Styling-wise, even though it was a school concept, the girls were all dressed in a way that didn’t exactly scream “schoolgirl.” Instead, they were all uniquely styled and even though they didn’t perfectly match one another, it felt like a consistent flow between each outfit. In other words, they did exactly what I love for groups to do with their styling. The choreography was on the simpler side, definitely on the sillier side - but that’s the whole point, so getting upset about that is kind of pointless.

Overall, the video was okay. It didn’t exactly hit all the marks, but it did enough things to make it stand out in my mind as something that I would actually call memorable. Even if the concept itself wasn’t all that unique, I think the video had such a specific tone and vibe to it that I’d recognize it instantly even without the audio.


NATURE may be a group that nobody has their eye on at the moment, but if my nugu detection capabilities are anything to go by, I’d keep your eye on these girls. While “SOME” hasn’t blown up yet or made it into the mainstream public for most K-pop lovers, I think the song is absolutely fantastic. When people talk about songs that deserve more recognition, I hope that this song manages to crop up, because this is easily going to make it into my top songs of the year.