N.Flying - Hot Potato



N.Flying is a five-member rock boy group under FNC Entertainment. They've been around since 2013, though they technically only made their Korean debut in 2015. Having released a couple of mini-albums since then, I'd say it's safe to say that N.Flying are pretty comfortable in making their music. Their last comeback, "The Real," was just about five months ago, and I really enjoyed it so I had decent expectations for "Hot Potato."

The Song

"Hot Potato" starts off with a cute electric guitar riffing behind a casual conversation between two of the guys. There's a certain volume of funk plastered into this riff and it really lends to a more upbeat, silly style that N.Flying started with "The Real" and seems to be continuing with this comeback. The guitars overall hit a lighter tone than their previous releases and cements the more playful nature of the song. A rap section that features a pretty heavy, low guitar is transitioned to and from pretty effortlessly, while the bridge features a very brief guitar solo that breaks the song up just that extra bit.

Overall, the song hits a lot of familiar marks from their last comeback while still bringing new ideas to the table that ultimately set it apart. It's fun and lighthearted, and even if you don't know the lyrics, it's clear through the vocals and instrumentals that the song is intended to be jovial and buoyant. It's not my favorite N.Flying song, but I think that it shows a clear intention for the group to try and carve a niche out for their music and really home in on the spirit of fun.

The Video

The video begins with two members on a couch conversing about being reborn before one says that if he's going to be reborn, he'd like to be a potato. A hot potato. You read that correctly. The video then proceeds to show the guys jamming out in a garage band fashion before they all pass out and then wake up to apparently being a massively popular band that has paparazzi following them around. They then perform literally on the red carpet as well as in front of a helicopter.

They continue to live what is apparently their idea of a lavish rock star lifestyle, getting into scandals such as a car crash, going on to be on the front cover of TIMEs and Forbos magazine, partying with the most safe for work playboy bunnies imaginable, and winning Band of the Year at the Kpop awards. That is until one member realizes that he's simply staring at some snacks instead of a trophy, and then it's revealed that it was all basically a dream. There's a lot of weird imagery here, such as when one of the guys pretends that his microwave is a computer, or when there is a goldfish swimming around in the water dispenser, but there's also some more of the obvious stuff like the fans representing... well, fans.

All in all, it was another quirky concept that seems to really work for N.Flying, and I quite enjoyed watching it a few times over to really take a look at everything placed throughout the video. 


As I mentioned earlier, I think that this song solidifies the direction that N.Flying wants to take their music. I don't necessarily mean that they will only do this style of song, but I think that this is the type of sound that they want people to associate when they initially hear their name. While Korean rock music is already a rarity in the mainstream, "Hot Potato" still brings a different expression to the table with unique characteristics that set N.Flying apart from other mainstay groups that are already established. If you previously enjoyed "The Real," then "Hot Potato" should be right up your alley.

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