The last time we saw N.Flying was back in May when they had their second comeback of this year. Admittedly I wasn’t the biggest fan of “HOW R U TODAY,” and I was hoping that they’d found more of their niche with a sillier, less serious take on the Korean rock scene. Still, I recognize that sticking to one general kind of concept and/or sound tends to grate on people, so I understood the decision. I didn’t have a chance to check any teasers out for this comeback, but I didn’t know what to expect since their last comeback had been a completely different direction for them.

The Song

If ever there was going to be a song that was obviously going to hit you right in the heart, this is it. The use of low vocals played against the gorgeous falsetto in this song is absolutely beautiful, and it immediately evokes a sense of anguish. I’m not sure that I’ve ever been impressed with N.Flying in terms of their vocal performances, but that’s changed with this track. Not just from the obvious display of their prowess, but mostly because of how much emotional rawness there was at any given point in this track.

The instrumentals were on the plain side of things, sure, but that tends to happen with songs that are going for this wistful, somber tone. Most of the impact from this track lies in the vocals, and I really am surprised at how lovely this song is just from that alone. It’s not my favorite song of theirs, and it’s probably not going to be competing in my top songs for the year, but this is a ballad that I definitely will be revisiting.

The Video

For added dramatic effect, this entire video is in black and white. This could be because they were trying to convey that this is supposed to be something that happened in the past, but in my opinion it’s likely more an expression of the tone of the song. It’s a melancholy, hollow feeling that you get from the music, so to translate that onto the screen they removed color in the same that you might feel the emotions are drained from you when you experience a painful loss. It’s a simple but effective technique.

Overall I think that’s how I’d describe this video. Simple but effective. Nothing in particular stands out, but the heaviness of the atmosphere is lingering at every possible moment. It’s palpable and powerful. Even with hardly anything happening on the screen you can feel your heart wrenching and tears welling up. I don’t know that this is the type of video that I’d personally rewatch again, mostly due to the lack of things happening. The impact, however, is sure to stay with me long after I’ve watched it.


“LIKE A FLOWER” has some of the hardest-hitting emotional pull that I’ve heard this year, and for me is probably also the strongest ballad that I’ve heard from a more mainstream group in a while. If you’re at all a fan of slow, mournful songs that leave you clutching your chest, this is going to be a hard song to pass up.