NIEL, JUSTHIS - What's good?



Earlier in the beginning of this year, NIEL from TEEN TOP released his second mini album, Love Affair. It's been eight months since then, though the last we technically saw of him was when TEEN TOP dropped "Love is" in April. Now he's back, this time collaborating with rapper JUSTHIS. I'll admit, it's not a collaboration that I saw coming whatsoever, but my curiosity was piqued when I heard about it.

The Song

The song opens up with some kind of electronic sound being reversed and growing in pitch before we get into the meat of the song. A light electronic beat is coupled with some heavy base notes and claps for the entire first verse, with the percussion not really dropping in until the pre-chorus. The song has a fairly expected flow to it, though the combination of NIEL's sleek voice layered on top of the synth melody sounds great. JUSTHIS provides a rap that's a bit muffled, almost mumbled in a way, but it provides a bit of an edge to the song whereas NIEL provides smoothness. 

My first listen to the song had my thinking that the song was simply okay, but I'll admit on subsequent listens I was finding myself enjoying it more and more. It's got an addictive quality that I can't quite describe because I'm not sure where it's stemming from. My best guess is that it's simplistic nature has an appeal to me since it stands out from a lot of the overproduced tunes that we've been hearing a lot more of. While it's not my favorite song of the year, I think that it's cool for Niel to experiment with style of song. It's a bit more "swag" than I'm used to hearing from him, but that's not a bad thing by any means.

The Video

The video is essentially one gigantic dance version, with a few long takes instead of it all being one long take. There's some great scene transitions that are near seamless, though the changes in outfits tends to take away from that a little. There's not much to say here other than praises of how well NIEL dances, and how great the chemistry between him and the female dancer was. There's a lot less production value here than one might expect from a music video, but there's no lack of talent or effort on NIEL's part, especially when it comes to his dancing. I'll admit I wish there was a bit more for this, but it's also understandable that they wouldn't want to pump too much money into this single.


The song is actually pretty great. I think it's addictive and fun, and it has a sort of relaxed but somehow lively atmosphere to it. The video does a great job of exemplifying NIEL's dancing abilities, while also giving a lot of screen time and props to the girl he's dancing with. While it's not the greatest video of all time, the song is pretty fantastic and I do think there's also a lot replayability in watching the choreography, so there's that. Like I mentioned earlier, this song grew on me more after a few more listens, so if you didn't like it right from the get go, I do suggest giving it a a couple more goes.