N.tic - Do You Know Who I Am?



It’s been just under eight months since N.tic first entered the scene with their debut song “Once Again.” I really wasn’t all too impressed by it in any manner, but as with all groups, I like to give them multiple chances to wow me and prove me wrong. I don’t even know if there were teaser pictures or music video teasers for this comeback, as I’m not the biggest fan of the group, but either way, I didn’t see or hear anything before I hopped into this review. Instead, I just expected another messy track with a less than suitable music video due to budget constraints.

The Song

Well, let’s start off with me apologizing. This song is not the horrid production that I was expecting it to be, and it’s surprisingly the opposite. I actually found myself enjoying this one pretty quickly. There’s a bit of hokey, cheesiness to it, but that’s reminiscent of older K-pop that I’m extremely fond of. It worked.

Now, the song is a bit on the simpler side of things, yes. But the hook is really damn catchy, the production was obviously better than their last attempt, and the song is structured soundly. There’s not a singular point to the song that will necessarily blow your mind or surprise you, but all of the pieces fit together neatly and the general progression of the song is pleasing. The rap in this song was performed very well, and actually managed to not be disruptive to everything else which is impressive as even some of the mainstay groups in K-pop botch that.

All in all, color me impressed. I did not see this group pulling out something like this, and I was definitely not expecting them to have one of my favorite songs of this month.

The Video

Sadly, my praises are mostly going to be on the musical side of things, because this video was only a little better than their debut. I mean, let me start with the obvious - you can call that video 1080p all you want, but it most definitely isn’t. There are almost no shots that aren’t blurry either from extreme editing for color saturation or for whatever other reason. A lot of my complaints about their first music video seem to continue in this video, too. There are so many shots where the angles don’t do anything but disrupt your vision of things you’d rather see. Hell, there’s even a part where there is so much smoke in the room that half of the members aren’t visible at all. Come on, Luminant. It should be obvious that you don’t hide your members like that.

However, there were also some major improvements to talk about and praise here. First and foremost we got a lot of choreography and it actually looked pretty decent. I’d be interested to check out a live performance or two for sure. Additionally, the individual member shots were actually pretty good. There were some props and other things to make them interesting, and while a majority of them were still just the members sitting and singing into the camera, the setting helped to make that seem a bit more coherent.

Overall the video quality was still rather poor, and some of the camerawork definitely felt like a gimmick. I understand that there’s obviously a limited budget going into the production, but there has to be a way to balance out that cost and the end product in a way that doesn’t feel entirely cheap to the viewer.


While the music video only has minor improvements in comparison to their debut, the song itself is an impressive step up for the group. Whereas I went into this review expecting another mess that I would have hated to even talk about after completing my review, I actually think I’ll be sending this song to a lot of my friends that aren’t aware of who N.tic even are. If you’re a fan of the older vibes of K-pop boy groups, this will be right up your alley.